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Invest in Your Future: Protecting Your Assets After a Layoff

January 20, 2015 | Comments Off on Invest in Your Future: Protecting Your Assets After a Layoff

Layoffs can happen when you least expect them. While you may still be qualified for unemployment benefits, it may pay considerably less than what you were receiving from the full-time job. It is this uncertainty that you need to plan for in order to maintain your lifestyle while keeping your assets. What can you do to keep your head above water?

Home Mortgage Protection

Investing in mortgage protection can help you pay the bills in the event you’re laid off. Instead of stressing about paying the bills, these programs can offer a reprieve providing you with time to find another job. It can be an invaluable tool that can stave off late fees and foreclosures.

Stock Portfolio

Investing in stocks can be beneficial should you find stable businesses in which to invest. Although there can be considerable risk of losing all of your investment capital, it can be an excellent method to keep funds available for a future date. By constantly adding money to your portfolio, you’re unable to spend it frivolously while giving you the potential to make money back in the future.

Savings Accounts

Placing money in a savings account can be beneficial. Unfortunately, these accounts are also more difficult to maintain. It’s easy to withdraw money in order to pay bills or buy things you don’t necessarily need. Savings accounts can be most effective if you’re able to refrain from making a withdrawal until it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a task that is more difficult than you may realize.

Round Up Expenses and Move the Rest

Some bank accounts will allow you to round up expenses when using a debit card while automatically moving the remaining cash into a savings account. If you don’t pay attention to the money being moved, it can amass quite quickly.

The hardest part about saving money for a rainy day is determining how “rainy” it needs to be. Although there may never be a threat of layoffs within your company, it is better to be prepared for the worse case scenario. Keep your home and assets safe by finding an investment method that works best for you.