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Intrusive Camera

April 2, 2013 | 1 Comment

Recently, a camera has been developed that is able to detect weapons, drugs, explosives, and other objects from a distance of 25 meters. It can detect these items even if they are hidden under clothes. This camera has been developed by a company called ThruVision, and it can identify objects by natural electromagnetic rays known as Terahertz. Apart from the ability to detect objects beneath clothes, it can also detect objects while in motion. There have been some concerns about the camera revealing physical body details;however, the company claims that that will not happen. The camera is also supposed to be harmless to our health. Nonetheless, most people would agree that this camera is quite intrusive. While there might be a valid reason to use this camera in airports and in banks, an average citizen would not want such cameras to be on every corner. While the technology behind the camera looks very promising, I think we also have to realize that it could also be used for evil purposes like, for example, in robberies or other situations. By using such a camera a thief would know exactly where you keep valuable items. Your privacy would also be at risk, as this camera might be able to reveal physical body details.

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