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September 23, 2014 | Comments Off on IMMOBILIARE VENEZIA: GET IT NOW

Immobiliare venezia : what a deal.

Moving from one house to a new house it can be a dream or a nightmare. It depends on your own view point. Moving can be an amazing experience, an adventure, a fresh start. Consider that everything will be different: a new house, new next-door neighbor, new landscapes. In any case moving can a stressful experience, too. Consider that it requires to find a new house, to pack all the stuff, maybe to leave friends and relatives.

Independently on the reason for which one’s moves, the first thing to do and of sure the most important one is to find a new house. In reality, finding a new house can be an amazing experience especially if a real estate agency supports you in finding it. In choosing your new house there are some shrewdness you have to take into account. Here, some useful tips for helping you in accomplish this “task”.

First of all write a list of your needs. Start thinking about the typology of house you desire. You can choose between different typologies: row houses, farmhouses, flats, residences. The typology may change according to the location you are moving. Of sure, if you want to live in the city centre, you will move in a flat. If you choose to move in a residential area you could choose to live in a row house. The choice of the location and of the house where to live depends on you and on your needs. Are you a single? Do you like to have a lot of amenities close to your house? Maybe, the best choice for you will be a flat in the city centre. Do you have a family with children and you are looking for a more relaxed environment where to grow them up? Well, in this case the best choice could be a row-house or a residence in a residential area.

In choosing a new house take into consideration the space you need. Take into consideration the number of people that will live in the new house and the space each one needs. Think about to the number of bathrooms and toilets you need. Take into consideration if you need a study, a room for your guests and so on. Think on the devices you need, too.

The next step will be to go to an real estate agency. Keep with you your list and state to the real estate agent your budget.

In almost the majority of cases, real estate agencies are the best solution. Even if they charge you some fees, they offer you a priceless service. They know what the house market offers, they’ll avoid you to lose a lot of time, they’ll avoid you to be tricked. Moreover they’ll help you in selecting the best house among the available houses. They’ll give a first look to the houses, too. That’s will avoid you to incur in unpleasant surprises.

After a first talk with the real estate agent, in the next days you will be contacted for some viewings. At this point you will examine every single room of every “possible new houses”. During the viewing remember to verify that all your requests have been satisfied.

Once you agree on one house, the next step is to pay an inspector in order to check if everything is ok. In detail the inspector’s task would be to verify things like plumbing, heat, lack of fungi and harmful molds, AC, etc…

Finally, there is nothing left for you but to sign the contract. It will be time for enjoying your new and perfect house.