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Ideas For Leftover Christmas Ornaments

January 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Ideas For Leftover Christmas Ornaments

While decorating for Christmas is usually fun to do, you don’t have to let the festivities stop once the holiday is over. There are several ideas for decorating the home with large Christmas ornaments, garland and lights that can bring a brilliant look to any room.

Gather a few ornaments together that are the same color or that compliment each other when they are beside each other, and place them in a large bowl. A wooden bowl usually looks best, especially if you want a natural theme in the room. However, glass will also work so that lights in the room can pick up on the shine from the ornaments. Place the bowl on a kitchen table, end table or coffee table, changing the colors and adding strings of garland at different times of the year. You can change the colors to match the holiday, such as green for St. Patrick’s or red and blue for the Fourth of July.

Create a beautiful wreath with some of the larger ornaments that you have and leftover tinsel. This is another project that you can change the colors on according to the time of the year. Place the finished wreath above a fireplace, on the front door or on a wall that doesn’t seem to have many other decorations so that it can be the center of attention. Ribbon can be tied on the spokes of a chandelier with colored balls hanging from each ribbon. This would work best in a dining room if you are hosting a party so that there is a little more color. You can also use the same idea on a ceiling fan pull. Mix balls of different sizes together, gluing them so that they form a large display. Add silver garland in the middle of the balls before attaching the decoration to the light or fan pull.

Another idea is to create a colorful display inside an old window frame. Hang the frame on a wall or on the front door with a few extra decorations along the edges. Metallic balls and a little ribbon also make an adorable gift wrap accessory.