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How to Use Self Storage to Free Up Garage Space

March 6, 2014 | Comments Off on How to Use Self Storage to Free Up Garage Space

Sometimes, it’s easy to put off a job because it just seems so big. Reclaiming space in the garage is always on your to-do list, but the clutter keeps growing, and the boxes are piling up. Even if you rearrange everything, it’s still in the way. Throwing it out isn’t an option, but there’s a smart, simple solution right down the road. Self-storage is your golden ticket to garage space redemption.

Take Stock of the Season

When the mercury starts to climb, blankets, boots and heavy clothes get boxed up with the rest of your winter gear, and everything winds up in the garage. This means wrestling with the barbecue grill and those lawn chairs that you stored when the weather turned cold. A convenient self-storage unit puts an end to the seasonal game of revolving stuff. It frees up floor space, and you can park the car without dodging towers of boxes. This is a great opportunity to get organized so you don’t have to shift through seasonal stacks twice a year. With a little shelving in your storage facility, it’s easy to put everything in order any time of year.

Treat Your Things With Care

Maybe you’re saving that extra furniture for a future yard sale, or you haven’t found room in the house for those beautiful antiques you couldn’t resist buying. The garage turns into a convenient catchall for things you aren’t using right now, but it’s not the best environment for sofas, tables and chairs. You wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping out there during the summer or winter, and your stuff doesn’t like temperature extremes either. Climate-controlled storage shelters your belongings from sizzling summers and freezing winters. It also provides a dry environment that keeps mold and mildew from invading the furniture.

Secure the Valuable Stuff

The garage door is up and down during the week and often stays open on the weekend while the family comes and goes. It’s not hard for someone to take advantage of that easy access to your valuables. Jet skis, motorcycles and ATVs are expensive toys, and they deserve the safe keeping of a secure self-storage facility. You deserve more space in the garage, so park those prized possessions in a unit that’s under the watchful eye of high-tech cameras. Key-pad access, padlocked entries and fire sprinkler systems add layers of protection that you don’t have in the garage, and you don’t have to worry about favorite things disappearing if you forget to put the door down at night.

Show Off Your Reclaimed Space

Imagine throwing that door open and showing off your clean, organized garage. If you’re thinking about selling the house, your real estate agent will explain that home staging is an important part of making your property more marketable. Parking your extra things in an affordable self-storage unit lets you showcase that parking area in the garage. Even home renovations are a great excuse to get organized because freeing up space gives you more room to work. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to set up a hobby shop, reclaim significant real estate by cleaning out the garage and relocating things in a nearby self-storage facility.

The next time you trip over the snow shovel or dodge falling boxes, imagine your garage filled with little more than clean, empty space. Picture parking the car and not worrying about hitting that spare coffee table. Conquering clutter feels great, so take back that space in the garage, and enjoy the convenience of modern self-storage solutions.

In this guest blog, Brent Nau provide some great reasons why you should use self storage to free up space in your garage this Spring. He is a freelance content editor with Assured Self Storage, a Dallas storage company, and often writes about organizational tips to help individuals live a clutter-free life.