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How to Resolve a Dispute in the Construction Industry

October 17, 2015 | Comments Off on How to Resolve a Dispute in the Construction Industry

As the owner of a construction business, you are the one others hold responsible for problems that may occur on the job site. These issues can include those that arise as the result of improper installation of products, accident that involve your employees and problems that occurred because of subcontractors or others you hired to perform certain tasks. Working with construction claims consultants can help you resolve any type of dispute that occurs after an incident on a job site or with other problems that you encounter.

Negotiating After a Dispute

One way you can resolve a dispute is with negotiation. A negotiation is an agreement between you and the person or persons involved in the dispute. It may result in you going back and doing more work or with you paying your former clients the amount needed for another company to do the work. A consultant will help you determine if you are at fault and if you should accept responsibility for the problem. Though your consultant may not be there on the day you meet with the client, your consultant can coach you on what to say and do during the negotiations.

Types of Construction Disputes

The most common type of dispute that affects the construction industry is when a client disputes the amount of work done. A former client may claim that your employees did significant damage to the home when building an addition or replacing plumbing, or a client may claim that you deliberately did not do everything you needed to do when working on the home. You may file a claim against a subcontractor for taking money and not performing a job, or you might file a claim against a manufacturer for products that did not work as promised.

Why Hire a Construction Claims Consultant?

Though you do have the option to file and work on claims yourself, there are some benefits of working with a professional. A construction consultant has a deep understanding of construction claims and the court system. Your consultant can help you settle claims before those disputes go to small claims court or the civil court in your area. You’ll also learn what you need to do to maintain your good reputation without former clients and others dragging down your company. When you find yourself facing claims from others, consider working with a professional consultant.