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How To Keep Your House Tidy As A Dog Owner

July 22, 2017 | Comments Off on How To Keep Your House Tidy As A Dog Owner

If you have a pup who’s as mucky as some of the ones I know then you’re going to have to start thinking smart if you want to keep your house tidy.

After all, not everyone loves your dog as much as you do if you have guests over they don’t want to be surrounded by dog hair all over the sofa and paw prints over the hardwood floor. Luckily it just takes a few steps and your house will be clean as a whistle no matter what mischief your dog gets up to. Same goes for a cat or any other pets you might have in the house!

A Proper Vacuum Goes A Long Way

If your dog is a shedder then you’re going to need to keep on top of dog hair. Especially so if you have anyone coming over who has allergies. Nothing ruins a dinner party quite like a sneeze in the salad. But you can buy specific vacuums just for pet hair which will do great things towards keeping your house free of dog hair. And if you have children with long hair it will make short work of their hair as well!

I don’t know how anyone gets on without one, an absolute necessity if you’re serious about keeping your house clean.

Keep Your Dog Out Of Certain Areas

If you have a dining room where you normally host then it can be a good idea to have this as a room your dogs just not allowed in. Having these safe spaces from your dog is the easiest way to keep them clean. Dog hair is bound to still end up in there (it gets everywhere else!) but with a good vacuum you can take care of that no bother at all.

Mop and Disinfect Regularly

This is most important in the kitchen. If you’re preparing food you don’t want to be surrounded by germs  so getting in and about everything with the disinfectant is important. Mopping the floor and wiping down the surfaces doesn’t take a huge amount of time but just once a week will definitely be worth it.