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How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

February 14, 2021 | Comments Off on How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly contaminated. From traffic to industries that release a lot of pollutants into our air, there are too many sources of pollution to think about. However, one thing a lot of people do not think about is the quality of the air in their home. Air pollution in your home is just as bad as outdoor pollution, which is why it is so important to put measures in place to ensure that the air quality inside your house is adequate. Here’s how you can do exactly that.

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Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning your house regularly helps remove two of the most common air pollutants – dust and dander. This is especially important if you have pets, small kids or are allergic to these allergens. Keeping your home clean is often as simple as vacuuming the carpets and rugs a couple of times a week using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter.

Also, regularly washing your bedding, drapes and similar items that attract allergens can help reduce air pollutants. Lastly, do not forget to dust hard to reach areas. These include under the bed and furniture as well as windowsills and door frames.

Change Your AC Filter

Your air conditioning system is always working to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable. While cycling through air, your AC also filters it and removes the most common house pollutants. Eventually, the filters in your AC system will get too dirty to keep filtering air effectively. This decreased filtration efficiency will lead to an increase in the amount of air pollutants in your home.

To ensure that the quality of your indoor air quality remains at an optimum level, you should put a plan in place to change the air filters in your AC system regularly. The one thing you should be careful about is getting the right filter for the type of AC system you have as well as the area in which you live. You can always source different types of filters on which sells affordable air filters of different sizes so you can find one that fits your AC unit correctly.

Check Your Air Ducts

Air ducts distribute air to different parts of your home. Because of this, they should be cleaned and checked often. Cleaning helps reduce the accumulation of dust and allergens while regular checks ensure that the ducts are not circulating contaminated air from one area of the house to another.

Keep an Eye on Humidity Levels

High humidity levels and moisture lead to the growth of mildew and mold, both of which are allergens and can cause respiratory illnesses. If you live in a humid area, using humidifiers is a great option. Also, if you have too many house plants, it is a good idea to think about moving some of them to the outdoors to reduce humidity levels.

Keeping the air in your home can reduce instances of respiratory conditions and illnesses. Doing so requires diligence, regular checks, and maintenance.