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How to Help Lower Your Energy Bills

October 22, 2015 | Comments Off on How to Help Lower Your Energy Bills

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system may be the most expensive part of your energy bill. Keeping the system running efficiently not only helps keep the costs down, it also prolongs the life of the system. If you believe your system needs maintenance or repair, HVAC Nixa MO is your best option. You may be able to change filters yourself, but professionally trained HVAC technicians can evaluate your whole system and make sure it is running efficiently.

What Can Go Wrong?

Some of the most common problems with air conditioners are:

• Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners need to be properly charged with refrigerant. If it is low, it may not have been properly charged at installation or it may have a leak. It requires a trained technician to test the refrigerant and charge it properly.

• Electrical Failure

The compressor or fan controls may wear out if the unit turns on and off frequently. There may also be corrosion of the terminals and wires that inhibit electrical connections. These need to be checked and repaired by a professional.

• Thermostat Problems

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, the unit will either fail to turn on or stay on longer than necessary, wasting energy.

Some of the most common problems with a heating system are:

• Electric or Pilot Problems

There are several reasons why a pilot light may go out. Electrical wires may also have faulty ignition. These problems should only be repaired by a professional.

• No Heat or Not Enough Heat

There are several reasons why a furnace doesn’t produce heat. The first thing to check is the filter. If this is clean, a professional needs to check the thermostat, ducts, electricity or pilot light.

• Noisy Furnaces

Rumbling and rattling heaters indicate there is a mechanical problem, clogged burner or airflow reductions. Old systems are especially prone to this type of problem. If your heater is more than 15 years old, it may save you money in the long term to install a new, energy-efficient system.

It’s easy to avoid serious, emergency problems and big repair and energy bills. HVAC repair companies in Nixa offer maintenance programs that can save you a lot of money on repairs as well as extend the life of your system. Trained technicians will check every component of your HVAC system annually to keep it in good working order.