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How To Have The Perfect Driveway Or Entry Gate

October 30, 2014 | Comments Off on How To Have The Perfect Driveway Or Entry Gate

Entry gates are found at both residential and business properties. They can be used for walkways or driveways, or to allow access for delivery vehicles at designated areas. The ability to quickly and efficiently open or close a gate can impress or discourage customers or visitors from entering or returning. No one likes wrestling with a gate frame that gets stuck in the dirt, drags along asphalt or has to be carried to make it work.

The perfect solution for large gates is to attach a spring loaded gate castor. This is a wheel that is secured to a stainless steel or galvanized post with a heavy duty spring attached to it. The weight of the gate is held by the spring; the wheel rides along the ground, allowing for easy opening and closing.

To choose the right castor, measure the gate or read the manufacturer’s sticker that gives the weight. If the gate is home-built, make a list of the materials and their measurements. A sales person can help estimate the gate’s weight in order to recommend the appropriate castor. Castors can be attached to the gate via a bolted-on handle. Mobile ladders can also have spring loaded castors attached to allow easier movement around a structure. Once in place, the castors can be removed for stability and safety.

One example of a gate material supplier is The company’s inventory includes a wide variety of gate castors as well as leveling castors for indoor office equipment and furniture. They also carry castors for specific models, hand trucks, planter dollies and much more.

Upgrade old gates with an order today and have smooth working access for visitors and customers. Spring loaded castors can also be used on rural gates as galvanized or stainless steel does not succumb to the elements.

For a unique DIY project, build a custom hand cart or wagon with spring loaded castors that can handle any worksite with ease. As the springs move, loads do not overturn and work can proceed faster. For animal shelters, farmers, plant nurseries and farmers, this is a practical project that will save time and last for years.