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How To Give Your Home’s Security a Boost

March 4, 2022 | Comments Off on How To Give Your Home’s Security a Boost

Even if you live in a “safe” neighborhood or small town, you should still be thinking about your home’s security and taking steps to improve it. You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy alarm system (unless you think you need it), but there are many small steps you can take to give your security a boost.


Lighting can go a long way to make your home more secure. Install exterior lighting Winter Park that is triggered by motion sensors to deter trespassers. Put an interior light or two on a timer to switch on even when you aren’t home and make potential burglars think twice.


Your home must also have secure locks. Exterior doors should be fitted with deadbolts at the least, and you might even consider mortise locks for an extra layer of protection. Don’t neglect to fit strong locks onto your windows, patio doors and garage either, and don’t hide a key on your porch or in your yard. The crooks will find it.


If you live in a neighborhood that has been having difficulties with theft and other crime, think about installing a fence around your property. Security fences can actually be quite attractive these days, but they still provide a barrier for potential thieves. Check with your city or homeowners’ association to see if there are any fencing restrictions in place. Then select a fencing system that suits your taste and comes with a good, strong lock on the gate.

Common Sense

Finally, you can boost your home’s security just by practicing some common sense. Don’t leave valuable objects sitting in your yard or in plain sight within your home. Don’t tell everyone on social media that you’ll be gone for a week. Do, however, let a friend know, so he or she can check your house and pick up your mail.

Indeed, a little extra security can go a long way to keep your home and your family safe and sound.