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How to furnish for the hottest spring 2014 trends

February 6, 2014 | Comments Off on How to furnish for the hottest spring 2014 trends

Spring 2014 is going to be all about bold pastels (yes pastels can be pale as well as bold!) mixed with a monochromatic colour palette; key pieces revolve around flowers, nature and countryside, rustic key pieces of furniture.

How to Buy Home Furniture for Spring 2014 trends 

When talking about a season’s trends, people tend to think that they’ll need to completely redecorate to be ‘on tend’; the fact is however, not many of us have either the time or budget to completely overhaul key areas of our homes. So with this in mind, our advice is based around making the most impact, with as little budget and effort as possible.

Shopping for Furniture

Given the focus on a fresh palette, shopping for furniture that is on trend for spring 2014 should mainly focus on white and pale pieces; mock French antique pieces or distressed items that have a touch of understated elegance are the key focus of this season. For those that wish to go for the ultimate rustic look, you can look at pieces that feature rich, real wood textures.

Spring 2014 ornaments

To compliment your key pieces, and get that all important fresh spring look, you can use nature and flower based ornaments that will give your rooms a new look, for a small budget.

To feature flowers you can purchase some rustic water cans or carved wooden boxes; this season sees the continuation of the countryside vintage look, so these items will help you build up a rustic feel on a budget. For a look that is extra personalised, why not take a look at ornaments that are featured in a chalk board material? Flower pots, boards and notice hooks can all be used to brighten and personalise your kitchen.

To incorporate nature into your designs it’s all about a subtle use of patterns. One relatively cheap way of giving your lounge a fresh spring look is to buy a white sofa cover, and furnish it with bold cushions in a flower pattern.

How to choose materials for the on trend home of spring 2014

For those that are looking to go all the way with their spring makeover, try plumping for a bold feature wall that hangs the latest large pattern wall paper. Whilst this home décor trend has been around for a good few years, Spring 2014 will see bold patterns with bird or flower silhouettes, and dark pastel greens and reds. Just think how great your mock French antique sideboard will look against a beautiful red wall paper. A braver trend this season will also see texturisied wall paper, which all goes back to this season’s focus on nature.

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