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How to Find a Building Contractor in Essex

May 27, 2015 | Comments Off on How to Find a Building Contractor in Essex

For most proprietors, the unavoidable necessity of having to improve, extend or refurbish their homes will come sooner or later in life, and is best to be aware ahead of time of how to best approach the entire process. Either adapting to new domestic needs (due to the arrival of children is most common); facing unanticipated flaws in electrical, heating or plumbing systems, or even wanting to give your home a fresh, modern twist, you can be sure the perfect handyman is out there. At a first glance one might think of it as a simple and straightforward matter, and … they’d be right. As long as we know how to search for and choose honest and reliable builders, while managing to weave out those that are likely to disappoint.

Growing up in Essex, I’ve come to appreciate the rural life and have actually taken pride in learning my way around a hammer and nails, just like any other chap. Back then, there weren’t too many professional builders in Essex and everybody could handle small projects on their own. But times have indeed changed and today, given the proximity to the City of London, people have shifted their approach on home building, improvements or maintenance towards hiring specialist tradesmen (builders, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, engineers, etc.). And why shouldn’t they have? In a competitive market, few would dare not deliver the expected results or charge anything else than a fair amount. However, one can never be too careful, especially on projects that require large investments on their behalf. Here are some tips on how to stay away from unprofessional, dishonest constructers or repairmen.

  1. Ask around

Sometimes the best way is the simplest. Ask friends, colleagues or relatives for tradesmen recommendations while paying attention to the feedback they give you. Careful though, some otherwise excellent feedback on a particular professional or employer may not be as suited for your needs as they were for someone else’s. Also, whenever possible, take some time to call and request a quote from the builders that made it into your list. Next, compare the pros and cons of each until you reach your decision. You will find many reliable building contractors Essex area.

  1. Consider getting recommendations online

Platforms such as offer prospective employers the possibility of browsing through hundreds of tradesmen profiles in order to view their work history and what their former clients had to say about the experience. This can be quite time-consuming but, I promise you, it is well worth the extra effort. Try to opt for builders who are sought-after and are regarded as friendly and reliable but also, check the rates they charge before committing.

  1. See their previous work

Found a bloke who has great rates and excellent recommendations but you want to be extra sure? It’s true what they say: a photo is worth a thousand words. Call and ask for photos of recent work. Any builder worth his while will have something to show for it.

Tah-daah! Taking (at least one of) the above steps will surely increase your odds of a successful partnership that will bring you closer to the desired project outcome. Good luck.