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How to Correctly and Properly Unpack Once You Arrive at Your New Home

April 22, 2017 | Comments Off on How to Correctly and Properly Unpack Once You Arrive at Your New Home

If you’re in for a move soon, then we hope everything goes well for you – we encourage you to plan the move a good deal in advance, because chances are that one thing or the other may disrupt your smooth progress. Moving from one place to another is an exciting adventure, after all, and it deserves all your attention and foresight.

This planning and foresight is often applied to the packing of the items and the transportation of personal belongings, but experience shows that people don’t often think about how things should be unpacked – most often, people take it for granted, and think that’s the easy part. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily true. That part, too, must be thought out and planned carefully. Here’s how to correctly and properly unpack once you arrive at your new home.

The unpacking rules

You may think that, once everything has been safely removed from the old place and moved to the new place, the adventure is over. Actually, it’s just beginning. Heed the following rules:

  • Clean every room – It’s sad that it often seems about cleaning the whole time, but it’s a fact of life; it’s part of the whole moving act. Make sure the rooms are as clean as possible. Consider it a burdensome but great start.
  • Necessities first – you’ll never have enough time to unpack everything, so focus on the essentials first: toilet paper, tissues, utensils, snacks, and so on. Think about camping out for the first two nights; it takes a while to get everything just the way you want it to be.
  • Bathroom supplies – Chances are it’s the easiest room, and the room you’ll most desire to be in perfect shape as soon as possible.
  • Furniture arrangement – You want the movers to put them in the right room, but hold off from putting them in their proper place until you’ve moved everything in. Keep your furniture as much to the wall as possible until there’s no need for people to walk around with boxes anymore.
  • Decorations – silly to mention, but you never know: keep the nice paintings and frames for last.

The rules above are there to make your life a lot easier. True, it’s tempting to place the furniture in their proper position so that you can start decorating as early as possible, but if people are going to have a hard time circumnavigating the furniture, it’s much more practical to place the furniture at the side for a while, and this is confirmed by house removals Evesham experts from Advanced Removals & Storage. Yes, we want to hang the paintings and roll out the carpets, but unless everything else is unpacked, chances are you’ll have to remove them again for extra cleaning. It’s easy, actually, if you have some patience and follow the correct procedures.

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