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How to Choose a Door for Your Patio

July 24, 2014 | Comments Off on How to Choose a Door for Your Patio

From spring to early fall, your patio area is likely the most popular space in your home. Whether it looks out to a spacious back yard or is hidden around trees, the cool air of the warmer months sets the perfect ambiance for gatherings or reading alone. The door you choose to lead out to this space can do a lot for your patio in terms of convenience and style. Depending on your budget and the age of your home, certain doors may be a better fit for your outdoor space. If you’re finishing your patio area or your current door is aged, it may be time to consider choosing a new door.

• Consider how much space you have in front of the door inside to determine the styles that will fit in that space. French doors and swinging doors need plenty of room to open, so you’ll need to choose a sliding door or stationary panel if you have a smaller room.
• To create balance and flow between the indoor and outdoor areas, choose a door with a wide opening. There are folding patio doors that provide this function, while a system of French or swing doors can allow you to leave them open while you’re entertaining to create flow.
• Glass is traditionally a major component of patio door systems, so make sure the type you choose is made from high-quality, energy efficient glass also designed to protect your furniture and flooring from UV fading.
• Be certain to use a quality vendor and installation team like Gilkey Window Company to get the best results. These larger doors can cause a major issue with energy issues if improperly installed. The best companies have guarantees in place with a reputation for customer satisfaction and adequate pricing.