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How People Overcome Their Fear of Rejection #1

September 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

This is part one of an article that features the confession of a man who overcame his fear of rejection. I hope that it will be helpful to anyone who has ever struggled with this problem:

Fear of rejection is a real problem that should not be ignored. Admitting that a person has such a problem is very important. Ignoring it can lead to serious complications in the future. I am just a typical man who is married to a woman he loves. We have a successful marriage, but there was one thing that was bothering me in the past. I finally overcame the problem, so let me tell you the story. Even though we enjoyed spending time together, there were times when I felt inadequate. This feeling made me afraid and I started to have fear of rejection. At first, I did not realize it at all. As a matter of fact, I am sure that there are many people who have fear of rejection, but are afraid to admit it. Because I had fear of rejection, I very often had problems clearly communicating with my wife and this made me even more afraid of losing her. Communicating in marriage is very important and I knew that I have to learn doing so. There are many people who struggle with it and I was one of them.

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