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How Home Bloggers Can Stand Out from the Crowd in 2017

January 19, 2017 | Comments Off on How Home Bloggers Can Stand Out from the Crowd in 2017

There’s no place like home, is there?

Home blogging is all-the-rage amongst home improvement enthusiasts; likewise, is can be a lucrative space for affiliate marketers looking to push home-based offers to their audiences.

But how can you ensure that your home blog stands out from the pack?

Perhaps the best way to uncover new traffic and make sure that your site outranks its competition is rather simple: give your readers what they want.

Based on your audience, consider how you can integrate the following topics into your home blog in the form of breaking news, reviews and how-to guides for your readers. The more content you produce concerning the following topics, the more likely your site is to stand tall above competitors in your space.

Smart Home Investments

Lately, it seems like the public is focused on making their houses “smarter.” The buzz around smart speaker technology and similar products is telling: people want to know how to design a home that makes their lives exponentially easier.

Whether it’s breaking down the Amazon Echo versus Google Home or other tech-based home hacks such as installing a bluetooth thermostat, even the seemingly smallest technology is making a big splash in the blogosphere. If you’re strapped for inspiration, simply take a look at the best-selling products in Amazon’s “home” section and start there.

Tips for a More Productive Home

Given the rise of work-from-home professionals and soloprenuers, the need to do business from home has never been greater. That being said, productivity is always an issue for first-time freelancers who perhaps are only used to working in a structured environment. By educating your readers about home office design and other productivity tips, you can give present your blog as a helpful resource and give a nod to your own expertise.

Green Home Solutions

Environmentally friendly home investments have likewise seen a boom in popularity over the years as the public is more interested in sustainability. You should stress to your readers that going green at home doesn’t have to be a headache, nor does it have to represent a financial burden. Perhaps start by suggesting cost-effective and simple solutions such as home-made cleaners and recycling tips for those looking to take baby steps toward going green.

House Hunting Tips

Bear in mind that a good chunk of your audience is probably already looking toward their next home. An in-depth house hunting guide is solid idea as you can explore niches such as young couples buying homes or tips for purchasing a fixer-upper. The more specific you get, the more likely you can integrate long-form keywords and uncover some seriously targeted traffic.

Capitalize on the Decluttering Craze

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold millions of copies and is transforming the way that we look at the junk around our home. While the thesis of Kondo’s book is relatively straightforward, providing inspirational content to help  readers figure out what to keep and what to pitch serves as actionable, positive advice that goes beyond what they already know. Additionally, topics related to decluttering can transition into additional niche content such as creative storage solutions and how to declutter when you’re prepping for a move.

Despite popular belief, the world of home décor and design is constantly changing. By staying on top of trends, you increase the likelihood of grabbing the attention of more readers and outranking other bloggers in your space.