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House and Lot for Sale: Filinvest

September 9, 2014 | Comments Off on House and Lot for Sale: Filinvest

If you’re a foreign investor who intends to invest in the Philippines then you should definitely consider investing in Real Estate. And if you’re thinking about investing in Real Estate then Filinvest Land is a well respected name in the business. People who invest in a Filinvest house for sale know that they’re getting their money’s worth. Most of their projects are situated in prime locations in Quezon City. These are gated subdivision with roving security guards. Security after all is very important for your family.

Perhaps my favorite at the moment is their project called Timberland Heights. I’m a nature lover so I like the sprawling greenery in this project. A lot of the lots aren’t developed yet so it’s like there is a vast field outside of your house. Of course one of the first comments that visitors have when visiting this project is that it’s really so beautiful. The view is also spectacular, since it overlooks the city and you can trace the horizon spiked by the skyscrapers. You would think that you were in Tagaytay when the truth is you’re only a 15-minute drive away from the commercial districts. You can also sometimes find a Filinvest For Sale ad in the papers or in the Internet, but the best strategy is to really go to the streets and hunt for the best houses and lots for sale.

This is where we can actually help you out if you ever decide on buying a house in Filinvest. We go to great lengths to scout the Filinvest projects and check out if there are new deals. Sometimes we even talk with the owners and we have negotiations with them when it comes to the price of their real estate. There are many occassions when we’ve really helped our clients get the house of their dreams. Why don’t you allow us to help you find the best investment for your family? I’m sure that you won’t regret your decision if you call us.

Lastly, I think the most popular Filinvest project is still the oldest and most well-known project called Filinvest 2. This is understandable. It’s perfectly situated in the turn towards Batasan Hills (an ideal location). And there are many people who live there now. It’s been inhabited for decades. This is really something that is in-demand from house-seekers. Of course there can be a lot of disappointments since people aren’t able to afford many of the homes here but that shouldn’t deter you from still trying and seeing if there is a bargain. Again, it is highly important to really scout the streets and not just rely on online announcements.