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Home Appliance Protection Plans

April 25, 2014 | Comments Off on Home Appliance Protection Plans

The purchase of appliance accounts for a significant portion of a
homeowner’s budget. There are also additional costs associated with
owning appliances such as maintenance. Regular wear and tear can
eventually lead to problems that require repairs and upgrades. Most
appliances come with limited warranties that cover only certain parts.
By the time a warranty expires, the average appliance is in good working
condition. A few years after being heavily used, most kitchen and
laundry room appliances need some maintenance and service that can be
expensive. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover the costs for repairing
anything that’s not attached to the structure of a property. This means
that electrical, plumbing and climate control systems must be repaired
with funds that come out directly of out the pockets of homeowners.

Fortunately, there are plans that can protect homeowners from depleting
personal budgets on repairs and maintenance. Instead of buying
individual warranties on appliances, a single protection plan can be
purchased to cover all of the appliances in a home. For a relatively
small monthly payment, a type of warranty coverage can be set up to
cover refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and more. A protection
policy is usually registered on a property rather than the homeowner’s
names. Therefore, a home that’s for sale can include a warranty plan for
all onsite appliances.

Home protection plans also cover routine maintenance that is used to
prevent major problems. For example, simple flushing and backwashing
water heater tanks can minimize the risk of clogs and explosions.
Similarly, an inspection of the evaporator coils an compressors in a
fridge can prevent some more serious problems from developing.

Warranty protection policies usually cover all major brands of
appliances. Homeowners do not need to deal with any third party repair
services and company custom service departments. A simple protection
policy guarantees quick and efficient repairs for all types of
appliances installed inside a home. A website that sells appliance
protection plans may prompt customers to “click here for more info” in
order to explore the terms and conditions of the coverage.

There are no expiration dates associated with appliance warranties. As
long as homeowners continue to pay monthly premiums, the coverage is
valid for all appliances in a household. It is important to note that
appliance protection plans may also be transferred to cover another
household if homeowners move into a new property and use their old