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Graco Pumps

September 9, 2016 | Comments Off on Graco Pumps

Anyone with a sump pump, but does not really understand how it works should not despair. You can always find information about the device in your basement from various sources. It is quite easy to locate your sump pump. A sump hole is usually found on the lowest point of a basement floor. This hole allows water out of your basement in case of water overflow.

Fortunately, maintaining a sump pump does not involve a lot of work. It is very important to know the location of the connection between your sump pump and the wastewater drain. This should be quite easy. Go along the black or white plastic or PVC line from the top of your sump pump to where the pipe connects into a bigger black or white drain line.

You can find information about your sump pump including its make and voltage by reading the product label on your sump pump. Although many sump pumps use 100v, it is still advisable to confirm the voltage. In addition, learn more about the gallons per hour (GPH) output of your sump pump. It is also important to know the height to which the pump can push a gush of water.

Find out where the power cord of the sump pump is plugged in. Problems with faulty sump pumps can be caused by power surges and damaged sump pump electrical cords. Fill the sump hole with water to test the sump pump. The sump pump comes with a switch that automatically detects when water gets to a certain level and switches itself on.

Once on, the pump should get rid of water from the pit and turn off when the water decreases below a certain level. Check the bottom of the pump to ensure that there is no or minimal foreign materials or sludge around the grate. Make sure you clear any blockages.

Your floor should be made in such a way that it gently slants towards the sump hole. Poorly designed walls and floors can affect the effectiveness of your graco pumps. You may have to physically drain water towards your sump hole if your floor does not slant towards the hole.