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Gauging Luxury Homes in Bangalore

January 16, 2015 | Comments Off on Gauging Luxury Homes in Bangalore

As the city emerges from the throes of a crippling slowdown, Bangalore has become one of the hottest property destinations in the country. During the slowdown phase, builders across the country were looking for ways to cut losses. In this quest for newer buyers, it was realized that the builders would have to create homes in accordance with the needs of such buyers. As a result, Bangalore saw the development of all varieties of properties. These included independent homes, luxury accommodations and affordable housing.

Today the city presents a promising real estate market and has attracted builders from across the country to acquire and develop land. Those who seek luxury accommodations in the city are in luck. Some of the biggest names in the business are offering both luxury apartments as well as independent homes in the city. Brigade Group in Bangalore is one of the prominent players in this business.

Finding Luxury Accommodations Using has dedicated a special section to find new property under development. An interested investor can access the repository of information by clicking the ‘New Projects’ section from the home page of The resulting page requires him/her to enter the name of the city where the luxury homes are sought. The search results list all the new residential projects currently under development in different parts of Bangalore.

To find the luxury accommodation of choice, the most important parameter (or should we say constraint?) is the budget/price of the house. An end user should be sure about the amount that he/she would end up spending in the purchase. The properties should first be searched accordingly. A budget of over Rs. 60 lacs makes the basic properties that lie in the category of luxury accommodations accessible. This can be achieved by using filters which allow only those properties to be listed whose prices match the minimum and maximum prices entered by the buyer. Brigade Northridge pricefor example-would be highlighted if the end user keeps the minimum price as Rs. 60 lacs.

The next way to sieve through the properties is by selecting a property type. In case of Bangalore, there are number of options to go through. One can choose apartment, villa, row houses, bungalow and “villament” (a mix between villa and apartment). However not all the builders provide all these options?

The availability of the home type may vary depending on the demand. The most popular choices today in Bangalore are luxury apartments or villas. In case of Brigade group, only these two options are available.

If the end user even now does not find the kind of accommodation, then another way to go about it is by selecting the area. allows selecting properties according to the floor area. A luxury accommodation can easily have a floor area above one thousand five hundred square feet.

The apartments of Brigade Meadows Kanakapura – for example – would assuredly be listed in case the end user searches the accommodations using the area filter.

Every single project comes with the details of the locality coupled with video of the project site under development. In most of the cases, price trends of the locality are also listed.

In Conclusion allows easy selection of properties where luxury accommodations are concerned. The comprehensive details which include a map and a video in addition to the project related information.