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Five ways to prepare your home for the summer

December 17, 2020 | Comments Off on Five ways to prepare your home for the summer

With spring just around the corner, there is increasing pressure to think about how to prepare for the warmer weather. How could you create a home that is more suitable for hot climes? Here are our tips:


  1. Install new windows

Ensuring your house is cool enough during warm weather is the first step. Even if the vaccine is on the horizon, many of us will still be working from home during the coming months, and need to be indoors for reasons relating to work or indeed childcare duties. This means that it’s really important to think about how to keep the space cold enough for it to be pleasant – and often this means ensuring there is good ventilation – i.e. there are plenty of windows throughout the house. You might even add in a skylight in a room.


  1. Get air conditioning

    However, windows are not always enough. Depending on what state you live in, you might find that the weather is just too hot to be bearable, and that you need some sort of electronic aid to ensure that your house is ventilated and kept cool, even when all the windows are kept open and the fan is kept on. This is where air conditioning comes in – you can purchase it from a number of manufacturers and it will keep your house cool through the warmest of months.


  1. Create an outdoor area to sit on

    Of course, more than anything the summer months often mean thinking about how you can enjoy your time outside more, to take advantage of the breeze and the nice weather. Therefore, it might be worth thinking about creating some sort of patio area with a bench – for example, think about finding a deck builder near me. You could create an area where you can have a barbecue in the summer, or have a table and chairs to eat at in the summer evenings.


  1. Landscape the garden

In addition to your deck, however, you may want to think about the rest of the garden, and what you’d want it to look like. You may want to take advantage of the nice weather to plant flowerbeds that are aesthetically pleasing, or perhaps have a small water feature that can have a cooling effect. You can think about having a little arch way or perhaps a little pond to dip your toes into.


  1. Add a children’s play area

    Last but not least, if you have children, you undoubtedly know that the ideas above aren’t going to cut it for them! What they are interested in in the summer is playing outside and having ice-cream. This is where being inventive is a good idea – why not buy a little paddling pool you can place on your decking for them to splash around in in the hot weather? You could even add in a cool box in which you can store ice creams.


There you have it – five ways to prepare your home for the summer – once you get started you’ll be yearning for May so you can enjoy your home in the hot weather.