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Finding student accommodation in Leicester

March 30, 2014 | Comments Off on Finding student accommodation in Leicester

Whether you are a student entering your first year at Leicester or if you have been at University for a couple of years now, it is important to know the full range of student accommodation in Leicester that you can choose from!

Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence is usually preferred by first and final years due to its proximity to the University and they typically can be cheaper as you will not have to pay extra for utility bills.

Halls of Residence are a great environment for first year as it is the perfect way to get to know large numbers of people quickly! Depending on the type of University owned accommodation that you choose to live in you may have either an en-suite room or share a shower and toilet facilities with other students. Some rooms are even shared, so be sure that you know what type of room you have been allocated before accepting an offer.

Some Halls of Residence are catered and some have an attached kitchen area, be sure that you know what if included within your rent as you can use this to cater what type of University experience you want. Other benefits of halls are that usually communal areas are cleaned regularly and that the properties are secure.

Private Sector Halls of Residence

You will get all the benefits of University student accommodation such as added security and lack of bills, yet get to meet a wider range of people due to the fact that it is open to any college nearby as well! It is also not limited to just first or third years, so can be a really popular choice for people who are looking for the comfort of Halls of Residence but cannot get University accommodation.

Do your research first! There are many different types of private student accommodation in Leicester so be sure that you choose accommodation that best suits your requirements AND budget!

House Share

Shared student accommodation in Leicester can differ greatly on both quality and price depending on what area you are looking to stay in.

You will probably choose to either move in with your flatmates from the year previous or choose to move in with a group of your friends, possibly for the remainder of your time at University.

My advice is to move into ‘student areas’ as these will often make you feel safer and happier then living with non-students. A word of warning, student housing is typically a target for thieves who look at students as an easy way of grabbing numerous laptops from one location. If you do choose to have a House Share, always ensure that you are living in a safe area and, if possible, ask the people who lived there before you whether a break-in has ever happened in either the area or to that particular house. Every student knows someone who has been broken in- make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Parent-Owed Student Accommodation

With the recession, the number of parents who have chosen to cash in by buying properties in University towns has skyrocketed! You will have the benefit of living in a well maintained house as well as not having to deal with some angry or ignorant landlord who turns up at weird times.

However, be careful, living with someone else and their parents can be a world of tension! Arguments will probably spring up where you are forced to be in the middle, either over rent or the house’s owners giving preferential treatment. It can seem like a cheap and easier alternative but it can quickly become overwhelming.