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Essential Items in a Plumber’s Portable Toolbox

June 26, 2014 | Comments Off on Essential Items in a Plumber’s Portable Toolbox

A busy plumber needs the right equipment and tools to serve his or her customers. A professional plumber has the skills to handle any issue from a clogged toilet to a collection of frozen pipes inside a home. Here are some of the most important pieces of equipment and tools that successful plumbers pack into their portable toolboxes.

First, a plumber must have a set of wrenches. Not every job requires the same size and type of wrench to accomplish the work. A plumber with a set of wrenches is able to choose the one that fits the type of work he or she is undertaking. For instance, a plumber may be replacing a couple faucets for one customer. This requires a smaller wrench that fits into the tight areas around and beneath a sink. A plumber who tries to use an oversized wrench will likely find it difficult to make progress with the faucet replacement. Alternatively, a plumber who is working on a sewage pipe in a person’s front yard needs a wrench to handle that sort of large scale work. Knowing which wrench to use for a job is key to the work of this professional.

Next, a plumber needs several screwdrivers. Most plumbers have a few Phillips-head screwdrivers as well as a few Flat-head models. Consequently, they have what they need if they are called upon to remove a part from a water heater, dishwasher, sink or garbage disposal. A screwdriver also comes in handy if a plumber has to pry open a rusted attachment. Many plumbers have a few favorite screwdrivers that they’ve become accustomed to using for years.

Flashlights and extra batteries are a must-have for any plumber. He or she could be called upon to go into a crawlspace beneath a house or look at the pipes in someone’s attic. These jobs are challenging enough without the additional challenge of not being able to see! A plumber may get a flashlight that he or she can prop up while completing a job. A large flashlight that provides a lot of light and a small one that can fit into crevices are both invaluable tools for a dedicated plumber.

Finally, a pipe snake is another item a plumber keeps in his or her portable toolbox. A plumber can use this to unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink as well as a bathtub. This is a tool that helps a plumber get many jobs done quickly and efficiently.