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DIY Tips: Removing Unsightly Stains on Walls

July 31, 2014 | Comments Off on DIY Tips: Removing Unsightly Stains on Walls

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, all of us know the frustration of having some unsightly stains on walls. In general, inside wall stains can be caused by a number of factors including our pets, dirty hands, the feet of our small children or the spillage of drinks. Extreme weather conditions can cause for rain to be blown into our homes, especially if a few windows are left open.
Applying DIY-knowledge to get rid of unsightly stains on walls
It doesn’t matter if your walls are covered with gloss paint, wallpaper or pine wood; it will get dirty at some point of its lifetime. The good news is that you can get rid of such stains on your walls by doing it yourself. It is not rocket science, and anyone can do it by simply following a few basic guidelines. The DIY-method will surely save you a fortune on having to get it done professionally. The following steps should be taken if you want to remove unsightly stains from walls:

1. When you start cleaning your wall, it is always better to start the process from one side to the other or from the bottom to the top of the wall. Also, make sure that you are truly committed to the project at hand, as long waiting periods between washes can leave the wall with irregular wash marks, thereby making it look even worse than when you first started.

2. Any furniture that is arranged against the affected wall should be moved to the middle of the room. For good measure, this furniture can be covered with old bed sheets or large paper sheets to protect it during the clean-up process. Some people use plastic to protect their furniture, but this is not recommended as excess water will only roll from the plastic onto carpets.

3. When attempting to clean unsightly stains from wallpaper, it is advised you follow the manufacturer instructions for cleaning to the letter. However, you have to start by removing all the dust that accumulated over time. Minor smudges and prints left by small fingers can generally be erased with a simple pencil eraser. If the stains are more severe, you can use wallpaper cleaner which can be purchased at your local DIY store. Remember not to apply too much force when you scrub down your wallpaper, as you could potentially cause damage that wasn’t there.

4. All other walls can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a sponge. Always try to maintain the same stamina when washing down your walls and make sure you get into all the little nooks and crannies. Do not switch from using one type of detergent to another while you are removing unsightly stains from walls, as you may end up with uneven coloured walls.