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Curing Your Office Building of Sick Building Syndrome

May 22, 2020 | Comments Off on Curing Your Office Building of Sick Building Syndrome

Within the past decade, sick building syndrome has become a significant area of concern for commercial buildings. It can severely affect occupants’ and workers’ health, and it may even prevent individuals from being able to work in a particular building. Commercial buildings are especially likely to contain several of the conditions linked to sick building syndrome. Building deterioration, poor ventilation, improperly serviced HVAC systems, and the use of certain chemicals all need to be effectively remedied in order to cure a building of this widespread problem.

Ensure Your HVAC System is Properly Designed and Maintained

The construction of many commercial buildings in major metropolitan areas long predate the use of centralized HVAC systems. Resultantly, many systems simply aren’t well designed to meet a building’s needs. In addition, improper management of HVAC systems can cause them to continuously circulate unclean air rife with irritants and contaminants. When you’re looking for HVAC service Chicago, work with a company that is experienced in serving commercial clients in your area and can offer competitive pricing for ongoing comprehensive system maintenance.

Remediate Contaminants Such as Mold and Asbestos

Many older buildings that have sustained damage over time will degenerate and emit toxins. Mold is particularly prevalent in buildings that have suffered damage from leaks. Mold can be present in flooring, drop ceilings, and air distributors. If your building was constructed in the earlier 20dh century or has had water or flood damage, you should have a mold test performed to get a report identifying possible sources and recommending a remediation plan.

Use Only Non-Toxic Chemicals in Your Building

When you’re using chemicals in your building for basic maintenance needs such as cleaning and pest control, you have to ensure that you’re making safe choices. You need to select non-toxic cleaning supplies and avoid over-use of pesticide products in poorly ventilated areas.