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Common Reasons To Use A Cannabis Fertilizer

September 28, 2022 | Comments Off on Common Reasons To Use A Cannabis Fertilizer

There are several reasons to use an organic cannabis fertilizer. First, cannabis needs certain elements to grow, and utilizing fertilizers is an environmentally friendly option. They are also cheaper and faster to work. They can even be used as a sole method of fertilizing cannabis. However, there are some drawbacks to using these methods.

Organic Fertilizers Are More Environmentally Friendly

There are many benefits to using organic cannabis fertilizers for your plants. These fertilizers are full of micro and macronutrients essential for cannabis plants. For example, nitrogen fuels leafy growth, potassium helps plants carry water, and phosphorus drives flowering. Organic cannabis fertilizers also contain more of these nutrients than synthetic alternatives. Besides making your plants grow healthier, these fertilizers can help fight disease and pests.

Organic fertilizers are also more expensive than synthetic ones. The costs for organic fertilizers can easily reach triple figures. 

Faster To Work

There are several cannabis fertilizers available for indoor growing. Many of them are made from organic materials and are faster to work than their mineral counterparts. Organic liquid fertilizers are usually pre-digested and combined with oxygen and beneficial bacteria, making them easier for the plant to absorb. Some are filtered as well. Organic nutrients are made from natural sources and tend to contain more compounds, which can improve the plant’s flavor and aroma.

More Cost-Effective

Cannabis fertilizers are essential to your growing process, but you shouldn’t use them alone. A top-dressing routine can be sufficient. In addition, use botanical teas regularly to provide your cannabis with the nutrients it needs. Compost tea is the mildest type, but you can also use sprouted seed tea.

Premixed cannabis fertilizers can be expensive, but mixing your own can drastically reduce costs. However, mixing your fertilizer requires extra time and effort in sourcing ingredients and preparing the solution. This extra work may add up, especially for a smaller operation. Different fertilizers also have different benefits and drawbacks, and your decision should be made with a lot of consideration.

Easier To Apply

Organic fertilizers are much more forgiving than synthetic fertilizers, usually in liquid form. They also contain fewer immediately soluble nutrients and more elements that the plant needs from the soil itself. These can be purchased cheaply from a local nursery and mixed into the soil before potting the plant outdoors. Once the plant is in the ground, water it only once a week.

During flowering, cannabis plants require large amounts of potassium and phosphorus. A fertilizer for this stage can increase the yield of buds, but it should be used carefully. Since phosphorus is a base nutrient for plants, too much can cause root blockage and lead to deficiencies and other problems.

More Effective

Fertilization is a crucial step in growing cannabis. It helps the plant develop properly and grow to its full potential. Without proper fertilization, cannabis would be prone to deficiencies, which could negatively impact the crop’s production. You can use plant growth supplements such as manure or compost, but follow the instructions on the labels to ensure that you do not endanger the crop. Some fertilizers are toxic and can cause health risks, so ensure that you wear Personal Protective Equipment when handling the products.

Organic fertilizers contain a wide range of essential nutrients. They contain nitrogen that fuels leafy growth, potassium to transport water throughout the plant, and phosphorus that drives flowering. They also contain vital micronutrients. These organic fertilizers are more effective than synthetic fertilizers and are less harmful to human health. Moreover, organic fertilizers are also more diverse.