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Carpet Cleaning and Other Ways to Fix Common Carpet Gripes

May 11, 2014 | Comments Off on Carpet Cleaning and Other Ways to Fix Common Carpet Gripes

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Carpeting has remained at the top of the list when it comes to preferred flooring choices among homeowners. There are so many things carpet has to offer, including comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t occasionally come without some problems too. Fortunately, professional carpet cleanings and proper maintenance can help prevent or overcome many issues that are commonly encountered so that carpet can be fully enjoyed as it was intended to be. Carpets have a much better chance of keeping their original appearance intact if the following tips are used should any of these concerns arise.

Poor Installation

Poor carpet installation is actually a frequent complaint heard from purchasers. This can usually be avoided by making sure a reputable installer is chosen to complete the job. Getting references and checking out reviews is always recommended. The quality of the installation job will ultimately make a huge impact on how a carpet performs in the future and how long it will last. Inspect the job before the installer leaves and point out any areas that look skeptical.

Soil, Spots and Odor

Soil, spots and odor are sure to come with any carpet purchase at some time or another. The key is to keep it from becoming permanently damaged from these elements by consistently vacuuming and investing in a professional carpet cleaning once a year. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt and other contaminants from the surface of carpets before they have a chance to settle down into the fibers. A deep cleaning will extract all the pollutants and odors that have become embedded in fibers, help to remove spots and leave a refreshing smell behind.


Permanent staining occurs when a spot can’t be removed, either by a homemade remedy or a professional carpet cleaner. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, look into buying a stain-resistant carpet or having a carpet protector treatment applied. If stains do appear, carpet dyeing or replacing the stained area with new carpet are viable options.


Any area of a carpet that sits in direct sunlight is subject to fading eventually. Minimize the chances of color loss by keeping shades drawn during peak sunlight hours and adjusting furniture in a position that will help to block light shining through the windows. Carpet discoloration can also happen as a result of using the wrong kind of products to clean it or when other chemicals, like pesticides, come into contact with the fibers.


Impressions can be left in a carpet and eventually become permanent when heavy furniture is left sitting in one spot for too long. To relieve the carpet of absorbing all the weight, use glides or cups under furniture legs and rearrange the position of furnishings every now and then.

Wrinkling, Buckling and Rippling

Wrinkling, buckling or rippling carpet can happen for a variety of reasons. First, it can be caused by an installer’s failure to power stretch the carpet, which may require them coming back out to do so. Second, selecting the wrong kind of padding (usually too thick) to install underneath the carpet can lead to these issues. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing padding. Finally, excessive moisture or humidity, often because there wasn’t a thorough drying job done after a carpet cleaning, can create these problems.

Knowing ahead of time the common gripes that other homeowners have had with carpets should help to avoid or understand why the same thing is happening to your floor and if you need a professional carpet cleaning, stain remover, power stretcher or something else to fix it.