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Carpet Cleaning and Other Chores Required For the Germiest Places in Your Home

May 9, 2014 | Comments Off on Carpet Cleaning and Other Chores Required For the Germiest Places in Your Home

Unless you live alone in a sterilized bubble, there’s no avoiding the germs and contaminants that thrive in our environment. The best we can do is stick to a cleaning regimen that prevents bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms from lingering around our home long enough to cause health problems. The key to this is knowing where the germiest places in your household actually are so you can pay extra attention when addressing those areas.


Many homeowners mistakenly believe their bathrooms harbor the most germs and concentrate most of their cleaning efforts there. In reality, there are several other chores, such as carpet cleaning and wiping down counters, that are just as critical on the list of priorities.


Kitchen Sink/Sponge/Countertop/Cutting Board

As far as germy rooms go, the kitchen takes the cake. The sink alone is known to contain a much larger amount of bacteria than the average toilet does due to the raw foods that are rinsed in it and all the leftovers that make their way down the drain. Your kitchen sink should be cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice a week with a disinfecting solution and monthly with a bleach-based cleaner.


The sponge you use to clean your dishes and wipe your counters is more than likely the very dirtiest item in your household. Sponges are a breeding ground for all kinds of organisms and should be switched out every couple weeks and sanitized by throwing them in the microwave for a couple of minutes at a time. Countertops and cutting boards are also recognized as germ hotspots and should be scrubbed frequently.



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You might just be shocked to discover all the contaminants that are embedded in your carpet fibers. Soil, dust mites, pet dander, skin cells, allergens, food particles, mold spores, etc. all gravitate to your carpet and get crushed down further and further because of foot traffic. Weekly vacuuming is critical for removing what you can from the surface, but it isn’t possible to eliminate all these pollutants from your home without a professional carpet cleaning, which should take place at least once a year.


Pet Dishes/Toys/Beds

There are any number of things that a pet can get into when they’re let out in the yard, which sticks to their fur and comes right back inside along with them and moves into their bed – not to mention the germs that can be found all over their food and water bowls and toys. Bed covers should be washed or sanitized once a week, bowls could use a daily cleaning and toys should often be scrubbed or tossed in the washing machine if possible.



There are so many different hands that handle the various electronics in a household – remote controls, telephones, computer keyboards – each transferring their own germs and bodily oils for the next person to pick up. These items are used all the time but often go neglected when it comes time to clean and don’t get disinfected as frequently as they should.



You may not think of your purse as a household item, but bringing it into your home makes it one of the most contaminated things in there. The bottom of a purse can hold an abundance of bacteria, and if you think of all the places it’s been, that makes perfect sense. Avoid placing your purse on the floor of any public establishment and even in the shopping cart when possible, and either machine wash it periodically or wipe it down with an alcohol-based cleanser.


Toothbrush Holder

It’s always nicer to have a specific holder to keep your toothbrush in so you don’t have to lay it down on the edge of the sink or on the counter, but you can’t overlook the importance of cleaning it as well. Because they are generally kept close to the toilet and can easily begin to promote mold and bacteria, toothbrush holders should be put in the dishwasher or decontaminated with hot, soapy water a couple times a week.


Becoming familiar with the germiest places in your home will help manage the time you allot for certain chores and remind you to schedule ahead of time for important things like carpet cleaning.