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Buy Indoor Plants For A Healthy Body And Clear Mind

April 29, 2014 | Comments Off on Buy Indoor Plants For A Healthy Body And Clear Mind

Buying an indoor plant does a lot more than add a little green to your
home. When you buy plants, you bring living organisms into your personal
space; these plants interact with your mind, body and home in a
positive way. Plants do a lot to enhance the quality of your life, and
they do wonders for your health at the same time.

When you buy indoor plants, you can expect the following benefits:

Breathe Easier

When a person inhales, they absorb oxygen; when they breathe out, they
exhale carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite; they breathe in carbon
dioxide, and they release fresh oxygen. Plants use our waste byproducts
to live, and we do the same thing with them. This opposite pattern makes
plants and people a perfect match. When you add indoor plants to your
home, you increase the natural oxygen levels inside. Your plants act
like a natural air filter.

Buy a container and some plants from a reputable store like, and place your new plants by your bed at
night. When you do this, you pump out fresh air during the night. Fresh
air will help you stay healthy and sleep well; you’ll always wake up
feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Release Water

Plants release water into the air when they convert carbon dioxide into
oxygen. If you’ve ever had a problem with dry skin, plants can keep your
home humid and comfortable. When you water a plant, it releases about
97 percent of the water that it takes in. It releases it into the air,
so it maintains the humidity in your home; this can help fight dry skin,
respiratory infections and sore throats.

Purify Air

Plants suck up organic compounds that are floating around in the air you
breathe; they do this while they are absorbing carbon dioxide.
According to research, they help purify air by absorbing chemicals like
formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Modern buildings tend to be climate-controlled and airtight, so these
types of chemicals don’t have a chance to escape naturally. When you buy
plants, it’s just like installing a filtration system in your home. You
naturally get rid of impurities without ever having to open your doors
or windows.

Most people buy indoor plants because they look great inside of a home,
but they don’t realize the massive health benefits they gain by bringing
natural plants into their living space. If you choose the right type of
plants, they are easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about
them dying on you.