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Building Your Custom Beachfront Home

March 29, 2020 | Comments Off on Building Your Custom Beachfront Home

The home of your dreams should be at the location of your dreams. If you are like many people, this means a custom home on the beach. There are three main things to consider when the waves are calling you.


Living near the water is a dream, but building on unstable, eroding land can be a nightmare. Permitting requirements and local regulations define the minimum standards, but you may feel better if your home exceeds those minimums. An experienced builder who has done multiple jobs in the area should know how to best address the needs specific to your lot. If you plan to dock a boat on your property, have the same contractor can take care of your retaining wall construction Port Neches TX and your pier construction.


Starting from scratch means you can make all the rules, from the size of the house to the location of the bathrooms. What you decide will depend on how you plan to use the home. If the house will be for vacations only, you may not need the home office and craft room that are essential in your primary residence. In that case, you may prefer a small bungalow. On the other hand, you might envision hosting family holidays at the beach, inviting all your adult children and their families. For that, you may want a dozen rooms, clustered around a huge living room and dining area.


You have probably heard that your mortgage payment should be less than one-quarter of your monthly household budget. That rule applies if this house is your primary residence; the guideline is different for a vacation home. The total cost of a second home should be less than 10% of your net worth. For a custom home, that total includes the lot purchase price, any improvements you make to the land, your building costs and permit fees. Pad each estimate by 10-15% so that surprises do not derail your plans. Remember to include property taxes and maintenance (plus any association fees) when calculating the true costs of ownership.