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Benefits of Access Control

June 4, 2015 | Comments Off on Benefits of Access Control

These days security is a top priority for everyone. Businesses need to protect their bottom line, and that means protecting their assets and property. Access control is the best way to do this. With new “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology, companies have access to unprecedented amounts of data, which helps keep them abreast of issues and informed of employee and inventory locations. For example, keyless entry allows companies to restrict access to sensitive areas without having to worry about lost keys or broken locks. These devices are connected to the internet, meaning they are able to immediately send alerts if tampered with and let you know who enters the area and when they did so. If someone is entering an area in off-hours, you know something is up.

Another advantage to keyless entry and Keyless Access Locks is when an employee is terminated or leaves the company, there’s no expensive rekeying or replacing locks. There isn’t even a need to confiscate their key/time card, just wipe it from the system, or if a code is used, just reset it. Convenient and cost effective, two things all companies love. Combine keyless access with security cameras for even more control. New data analytics allow cameras to actually learn from what they are seeing as well as from operator input. They can sent real-time alerts if suspicious activity they detect, and with less false alarms.

Fingerprint scanners are a valuable addition to keyless entry and locks if sensitive information needs to be protected. They are ideal for banks, medical facilities, labs, computer rooms, storerooms that contain hazmat or drugs, and other high risk inventory. They can be combined with keyless locks and even time clocks.

Time clocks are essential for keeping track of employees, and today’s time clocks will automatically create and send attendance reports to HR at the end of each day, saving time and hassle. This can help spot problems that could be costing you money and reduce lost productivity. Payroll becomes a lot easier when the data you need is collected and presented to you by the time clock!

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and companies can reap the benefits by using the latest access control and keyless access technology to secure their employees, assets, and property. This saves time, increases productivity and safety, and best of all saves money and can increase any company’s bottom line by curbing loss.