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Avoid Clearing Clogged Drains Yourself

May 30, 2014 | Comments Off on Avoid Clearing Clogged Drains Yourself

The first time a person experiences a clogged drain, it is almost instinctive to get out the plunger, but if the issue is a drain line, the plunger may not work. It takes special equipment that is used to run a coil through the entire drain line. This not only clears the stoppage, but it also cleans the drain pipe. Although it can be upsetting to have a clogged drain, it is best to keep in mind that all drain pipes need to be cleaned sooner or later, and you can take this time to hire the services of a drain cleaning toronto professional who will not only unclog the drain, but clean the entire drain line.

Do not waste money on chemicals
Although the homeowner’s first line of defense is the plunger, a close second are the various drain chemicals found at a home improvement store. They all make claims on how well they will clear the stoppage, but the fact is, they are a waste of money. There is no chemical that is as effective as having a drain company toronto professional plumber clearing the line mechanically with drain cleaning equipment.

Toilet clogs
It is possible that a plunger may work on your toilet when it is clogged up. When this happens, it is almost always because of too much toilet paper. However, if the plunger works to clear the stoppage, but the problem returns, you need a professional drain cleaner. There is likely an object stuck inside the toilet, and a professional can help remove it. One company to call for help in the Toronto area is Priority Plumbing & Drains.