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Apply Personality With Decorative Fencing

February 5, 2022 | Comments Off on Apply Personality With Decorative Fencing

Have you ever taken the long way home just to catch a glimpse of a fence that you just think is so cool, or cute or even imposing? Fences have always served the practical purposes of establishing boundaries between properties and establishing privacy, but more and more they are recognized for their personalities. There’s nothing wrong with a plain ol’ chain-link fence; it does its job. There are so many other styles of fencing, though, that it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how decorative fencing can apply to your different wants or needs.

Different Styles Serve Different Purposes

There’s lots to choose from when it comes to decorative fences Everett WA. A wrought iron fence has long been used to protect gravestones, communicating dignity and respect, complimenting the site in a way that, say, a stockade fence is unable to. 

A stockade fence can certainly create privacy, but what if you flipped the concept a little, and instead of using 2-inch-wide vertical slats, you chose 6-inch-wide horizontal boards. This graceful look can become even more elegant if the height of your posts is staggered, rising or falling incrementally as per your need and desire. This style can also be used as a free-standing screen, perhaps separating neighbors’ gardens. 

Perhaps you have pets, and appreciate the chain-link style for that reason, but not the frame. A California fence style replaces the metal frame with wood beams, adding nuance and personality.  

You Can Mix And Match

There’s no rule against using different fencing on the same property. Perhaps you love the horizontal board fence style, except in the front of your house, lest the property feels a bit boxed in. You might run a classic 4-foot picket fence across the front, and then use staggered horizontal stringers on the sides, and in the back.