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All you need to Know about Vinyl Wall Art Decals

June 9, 2014 | Comments Off on All you need to Know about Vinyl Wall Art Decals

You know that if you don’t decorate your walls, your children will do it for you. Remember coming home one day to find the living room wall filled with what the kids considered to be art? It may be their way of saying that the walls are bland, boring and need a bit of decorating. When you think about it, most walls at home and in the office are just huge open spaces that don’t inspire much thought or creativity. Could Vinyl Wall Art Decals from be the solution for those who want a lively wall rather than a boring living space?

Painting your walls may seem like a great idea to spruce up your home or office walls. However, there is only so much painting you can do in a year. It is not cheap to paint at the end of every season. Adding any decorations to the paint only adds to the cost and you have no guarantee that the final product will be what you wanted. Now you don’t have to worry about costs and you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating your walls.

Where to Use Vinyl Wall Art Decals

Vinyl Wall Decals such as vinyl decals from have changed how we decorate our homes forever. They are simply thin vinyl films from a canada website that are designed to your liking and applied to your walls. Otherwise known as wall tattoos or wall stickers, the vinyl wall art can be applied to any clean surface. Walls, doors, windows or even laptops can get a great new look and feel of an expensive custom paint job.

Now, you can decorate your children’s bedrooms with any designs you wish to. The designs can be seasonal for example Christmas or Easter, or just go with their favorite cartoon characters. The wall art is cheap enough for you to change every month with any designs the children desire.

If you are renting property, you don’t have to wait for the landlord’s permission to decorate your living room walls or doors. You can now have your favorite art murals literally hanging on your walls without breaking your lease. When you leave, just remove the wall sticker and move with it to your next home.

Thanks to companies like Google and Facebook, modern office spaces need to have a bit of life in them. Long gone are those uniform color offices and instead we have offices that spring into life with murals, art, color and texture. For many small businesses, custom paint jobs are too expensive. But with the advent of office vinyl wall art, you have no reason not to make your office hip and cool to your employees and clientele.

People love motivational quotes from strong personalities. Instead of having to open a book and read your favorite quotes, why not do that with vinyl wall art decals quotes. This is probably the most universally accepted use of wall tattoos. Windows, doors and any flat surface in the home is usually not spared from famous quotes from famous people.

How to Create Vinyl Wall Decals

The simplest way to create wall art decals is to order them from wall décor art companies. Most of them have stock decorations from you which you can choose your own designs and colors. These are usually cheap and easy to use. All you do is peel the sticker and paste it to your wall and you have a beautiful home to live in.

Some of these companies now allow you to create your own designs. All you do is send the desired design and they will ship to you the vinyl art. This is probably best for offices where branding is important.

For those who are creative and love art, you can create your own Vinyl Art Decor at home. What you will need are simple tools such as:

  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • A marker or a pencil
  • Scissors
  • Large scrap paper
  • A plastic card
  • ConTact paper which is thin vinyl that is self-adhesive from your local hardware store

But the most important thing you need is a few hours online looking for ideas plus a healthy dose of imagination.

Wall tattoos have transformed working and living environments forever.

Why Bother With Wall Art Decorations

It’s very easy to say that the walls are beautiful but that is not enough, or is it?

For the home, there is absolutely no reason not to decorate those walls. It may not have a monetary benefit but it will surely make you feel happy to see beautiful art on your wall. But for the office spaces, everything is about productivity.

Clients love a beautiful office as it makes them feel comfortable. Your employees will not tell you this, but they are more likely to invite clients to the office if it looks magnificent. According to the Gensler 2006 U.S. Workplace Survey, half the workers say that they would work an extra hour if the office had great design.

It not only makes emotional sense but also business sense to decorate your home and office. The good news is that you can still do this without breaking the bank. Thanks to Vinyl Wall Art Decals you can decorate your walls to your desire cheaply and safely.