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5 Effective Pest Control Methods

May 19, 2021 | Comments Off on 5 Effective Pest Control Methods

Pests are harmful to humans and the environment. Besides causing damages to houses, they influence negative economic growth. For instance, crop destruction leads to a massive loss in the agricultural sector. Today, you will find a myriad number of methods used to control pests. Albeit the methods offer distinguished functionality, they promote the well-being of ecosystems and human beings. Flea Exterminator Huntsville AL is a licensed pest control organization that offers incredible flea and ticks destruction services. The common methods that keep pests at bay include cultural, chemical, biological, mechanical, and physical.

Biological Method

It is one of the best natural methods used to control insects and mites. The biological method involves the introduction of an enemy to pest breed in the environment. The natural predator interferes with pest breeding ability—for instance, the use of BTI to destroy mosquito larvae found in water bodies. The natural procedure does not interfere with the rest of the environment; for example, the water source will still be suitable for human consumption. Also, it is a long-lasting method compared to its counterparts.

Chemical Method

Chemical methods involve controlling pests using toxic or poisonous products. The method is mostly used in the protection of agricultural products against destructive organisms. Although the use of pesticides might seem simple, you must be careful when applying to avoid causing risk to the environment. Time of application is also a determinant factor. Pesticides come in various groups depending on the pest type they destroy namely:

  • Herbicides commonly used on eliminating pest found in weeds
  • Nematicides for nematodes destruction
  • Rodenticides have the strongest chemical among other pesticides. It is used for killing small animals like rats
  • Insecticides used to get rid of harmful insects found on crops
  • Fungicides destroy fungi
  • Acaricides kills mites found on plants

Cultural Method

It involves altering the environment to destroy the breeding areas. A common procedure if you want to eliminate yellow fever mosquitoes found in swampy regions. Other cultural procedures include:

Maintaining Hygiene

To clean and maintain good regular hygiene, ensure you clean the yards, house and clearing the bushes.

Field Burning

It is a traditional method that involves burning the entire field after harvesting to get rid of pests. The procedure helps in killing the pests and their eggs.

Physical Method

Physical methods involve more human activity; for instance, putting a trap on insects or rodents and killing them. Poised bate comes in the form of jelly or granule state. The poised bate is placed on areas with more signs of pests activities. Pests will directly eat it or carry it to their nests.

Mechanical Method

Like the cultural method, the mechanical procedure involves the altering of the environment to make it unsuitable for pest breeding. Trap cropping is the planting of a decay crop that attracts the pest intending to trap the exterminator at ease. Also, you can plant crops that attract the pests to divert their attention from destroying your crops.

The government has put various measures to promote natural pest control methods instead of chemical ones. However, the method to select depends on its efficiency and the level of destruction.