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5 Beautiful Front Door Ideas For Small Cottages

February 3, 2022 | Comments Off on 5 Beautiful Front Door Ideas For Small Cottages

“First impression is the best impression!”

A visitor’s first impression of your home will be your front door.

To amaze them, your cottage doors have to suit well with your exterior and interior design.

With so many front door designs and ideas prevailing in the market, it’s hard to select the ideal door for your house.

Choosing the right front door requires some research and serious consideration because it must be visually appealing and provide good protection for the cottage.

To help you choose the best front doors, we have listed the five best cottage door ideas that will deliver excellent protection and give an aesthetic look to your house.

Here are the five ideas that will help you amaze your guests and friends and create a strong impact:

1. Oak doors

Oak cottage doors are cost-effective, long-lasting, noise-canceling, and give a luxury look.

If you live in a busy street that is always filled with noise, then oak doors can be your perfect choice for your cottage.

No matter how you have decorated your home, oak doors are a fantastic option when it comes to style.

Plus, the oak doors suit all kinds of floorings and add a unique charm to your home.

You can enjoy the aesthetic look of the material that suits your interior and exterior design.

Due to the denseness of the material, a good oak door can trap the heat inside the house and exclude the coldness.

Oak doors also have the advantage of being durable and offering a long-term guarantee.

2. Antique doors

Some people love new designs. Whereas the others love retro or antique designs.

If you’re among them, you can go for antique doors.

The patina of the antique doors is not replicable with the modern doors. It adds charm and gives a rich class look to your cottage.

If you’re about to buy antique doors, the first thing you have to do is – take measurements of your front door and start to look for options.

Without measurements looking for an antique door is like searching for a pearl in a big sea.

Before purchasing an antique door, don’t forget to check for damages to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Anyhow, if you have an old original front door, then you can re-fabricate it with the professional’s help and then use it.

You can give it a fresh color and polish it.

With antique doors or old doors, you can be assured of longevity and quality, and your home and door will be full of rich character.

3. Dutch doors

Dutch doors are an excellent cottage front door idea.

These style doors were commonly used in Dutch-American houses in the early 1700s.

The door will be split at the center, where you can independently open the top and bottom of the door.

If you have pets and children, these doors are perfect for keeping them safe and secure.

By opening the top door, you can allow the natural light and fresh air to circulate inside your cottage, leaving your bottom door closed.

In this way, you can have lights and fresh air inside your home, restricting your pets and kids from getting out.

More Than that, the dutch doors are excellent for safety. If a person is at the door, you can have conversations or get things and then send them out without leaving him in.

These Dutch doors have a country charm that makes them unique and also gives a beautiful look from inside your house.

4. Oversized front doors

A large front door will add style aesthetics to your home.

Additionally, carrying big furniture into the home is much easier without any trouble.

Having an oversized door will give a grand entrance to your visitors and make them feel as if they’re entering inside a palace.

It increases comfort and relaxation for the visitors.

Additionally, it adds a luxury look to your home and enhances the aesthetics of the front yard.

You can have a double door opening that joins in the middle, or you can take a large pivot door and add lots of glazing around it.

5. Glass doors

A closed cottage will surround your hallway with darkness, where the beauty of your interior house remains hidden in the dark.

So, having glass doors will allow the natural light to enter your house, obviate the darkness of your hallway, and enable people to look at the interior beauty of your home.

You can use stained glass above and on the sides of your door or use glass doors.

But, to ensure safety, try to suit your front door with strong safety glass.

Using stained glass will give the inside and outside of the home an elegant burst of color.

There are plenty of ways you can place your glass in your entrance.

For a truly show-stopping entrance, incorporate your favorite color scheme or some of your own interests into your front door design.

Consider with your architect or suppliers to check out your glass door options.


The above given five ideas will surely help you find the best front doors for your cottage.

Consider your interior and exterior designs before selecting the perfect design for your door.

Paint bold colors to your doors to add character and grab the people’s attention.

Now, there are plenty of designs in the market. So, do your research considering various factors, size, shape, and exterior designs to make an ideal choice.