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4 Ways to Increase Comfort and Decrease Pain

September 24, 2020 | Comments Off on 4 Ways to Increase Comfort and Decrease Pain

Feeling a lack of ease in your body can impact many life areas; work, physical health, relationships, and hobbies. Whether you’re dealing with occasional stiffness or chronic pain, there are ways you can make your body more resilient and rested, so you’ll perceive a higher level of ease. Here are a few skills that will serve you well as you work toward feeling more pleasure and less pain. 

1. Prioritize Fun

To boost your endorphins (which are natural pain killers), make it a priority to include fun, non-performative activities. Any chronic pain or lack of ease can lead to a tendency toward isolation due to fear of causing more physical or emotional pain than you have already. Go in the opposite direction! The only way to increase your quality of life and boost your mood is to engage in pleasant activities more, not less. Make a quick list of things you enjoy — and do them. If you have trouble coming up with things, do an online search using terms like “pleasurable activities.” 

2. Relax

Another thing to highly prioritize is relaxation. The “fight or flight” response actually increases the perception of pain, so learn to access the opposite response by way of your parasympathetic nervous system. Try downloading some meditation phone apps, and try to use one at least once a day. Guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation can be helpful, too. Quite a few online videos are free or low cost. If you need more guidance, seek out a place like pain clinic Jacksonville FL for professional support.  

3. Get Quality Sleep

Your body recharges itself during sleep, and you can make your body feel much more comfortable by optimizing it. Be sure to make your bedroom free from unnecessary lights and distractions, avoid stimulants or alcohol near bedtime, take care of emotional concerns prior to the evening, and set up a consistent schedule to go to sleep and wake up so your body can get accustomed to it. 

4. Exercise Moderately

Focus on low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints. It’s best to have a less strenuous, more consistent routine if you deal with any kind of pain or ongoing discomfort. It goes without saying, but make sure to consult a trusted health practitioner and get clearance before you start. 

All of these solutions taken together can have powerful healing effects. Try them and see how much better you feel.