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4 Uses of Air Compressors

August 27, 2021 | Comments Off on 4 Uses of Air Compressors

The invention of tools was a major step forward in the evolution of humankind. Tasks became easier and things that were not possible before became doable. First, there were hand tools, then as science advanced, power tools were invented. Power saws, drills, and the extremely useful power screwdriver are now common on the job and at home. The air compressor is another tool with several applications. Here are four common uses.

1. Inflating Tires

Pumping up tires is perhaps the most common use of an air compressor. Hand pumps are just not practical for car or truck tires. Fortunately, most gas stations have one that you can use for a small price. There are even small ones that you can keep in your car that run off the cigarette lighter jack. For businesses that operate fleets, buying or renting from an air compressor service is a good idea to keep your vehicles’ tires properly inflated. This improves gas mileage and helps them ride smoothly.

2. Pneumatic Tools

Compressed air can also be used to power pneumatic tools. Jackhammers are essential to construction companies. Mechanics and tire stores would be in trouble without their pneumatic wrenches. Nail guns have revolutionized carpentry. Popping in nails rather than using a hammer saves a tremendous amount of time. Airbrushes are tools that artists can use in painting cars, murals, or even people’s nails. They allow precise placement of paint, similar to using a pen.

3. Underwater Work and Exploration

When construction or other work must be performed underwater, workers obviously have to breathe. An air compressor can supply clean, fresh air through a hose. This allows the workers to labor for long periods, getting in a full day’s work. This application can also be used for underwater observation vehicles, such as bathyspheres, used by marine biologists in research sea life.

4. HVAC Systems

Air compressors can supply clean air to the control system valves in HVAC systems. These are generally the large ones used in schools and office buildings. Air compressors are effective and cost-efficient in this application. This is helpful for businesses on a tight budget and certainly to the education departments of most communities. 

Power tools are a useful invention that can make many jobs faster and easier. The use of compressed air has many helpful applications. It is supplied by air compressors. They are inexpensive, reliable, effective, and for the most part, low-maintenance.