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4 Tell-Tale Signs that You’re Dealing with Foundation Issues

December 10, 2020 | Comments Off on 4 Tell-Tale Signs that You’re Dealing with Foundation Issues

If there’s one thing a homeowner never wants to hear is that there are issues with the house’s foundation. One thing you can’t afford to do, however, is ignore them. The faster you catch issues, the more damage you’ll be able to prevent, and the lesser you’ll have to spend on repairs. This is why you need to look at the early signs and get some help as soon as possible. Here are some of the clear signs that you might be dealing with foundation issues.

Distress Signs on the Foundation

One of the clearest signs that you’re dealing with foundation problems is if you see visible signs of distress on the foundation itself. If you notice any kind of gaps, cracks, mold, buckling, water stains, fracture, flaking concrete, fracture, or even small zigzagging lines, then you will need to have these addressed immediately.

If that’s your case, we strongly suggest you contact a basement waterproofing Quad Cities foundation repair company like Helitech. Services like these will be better equipped to know the severity of the issue and what needs to be done. They will also be able to tell you if the issue is structural or not.

Damage on Exterior Walls

Damage to exterior walls is another thing you have to pay attention to. You want to look for things like water stains, mold, decay, cracks, and warping. Settling can directly affect support on the walls, which will make them more prone to warping and fissures. If you notice any of these, then this can be a sign of something very serious since walls are usually supposed to allow a bit of “give”. Crumbling cement walls and bricks should be particularly alarming.

 Warping and Sagging of the Floors and Ceiling

If you notice your floors and ceilings are sagging or warping, then this is another clear sign that there might be something wrong with your foundation. That’s because the ceilings, floors, and sometimes the roof, are the only parts of the house that are perfectly parallel to the foundation. So, everything that happens with them is a reflection of what’s going on underneath. In this case, it would also be wise to constant an expert immediately before the situation deteriorates.

Doors And Windows are Either Too Tight or Too Loose

Another warning sign of foundation issues is if you notice that your doors and windows don’t fit the way they used to. Doors and windows are installed according to the wall’s configuration at that particular time. If they suddenly don’t fit properly, then it could be a sign that the wall has shifted and warped, and it’s almost guaranteed that the foundation is the underlying cause. You need to also pay special attention to cracks around doors and windowsills. Openings that won’t stay close or stick should also be looked at.

These are all clear signs that your foundation might be experiencing issues. If you notice any of these, the best thing to do is call a professional immediately and don’t put off repairs.