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4 Reasons to Install a French Drain In Your Basement

May 9, 2017 | Comments Off on 4 Reasons to Install a French Drain In Your Basement

A French drain is one that is made of simple materials and offer effective drainage results. They can be strategically placed inside and outside of the home to alleviate problems with excess water that, given the chance, will invade your basement. Below are the top four reasons to seriously consider adding a French drain to your basement right away.

Living In a Flood Zone

Anyone can buy a home without realizing that they are in a flood zone. This is an area that has water tables in the ground that can fluctuate wildly. They can be close to rivers and lakes, or simply be an area of land that is lower than all that surrounds. This means that when rains are heavy, or slow melts accumulate, you will notice flooding in your yard, driveway and basement. The constant fluctuation in pressure on the foundation can cause the concrete walls and floors of your basement to crack and allow water in, sometimes at alarming rates.

Damaged Basement Walls

Uneven settling of the earth beneath your foundation can be a cause for damage to the basement walls. A French drain will alleviate much of the stress placed on already weakened basement walls by moving excess water away from the foundation. Fixing damaged basement walls is essential, but you also need to plan a workable strategy to keep the walls from allowing moisture to infiltrate the home through the basement.

Added Moisture Control

There are times that water seepage into the basement is unavoidable. Adding a French drain allows you the ability to better control and manage the situation. The excess water will drain out of the basement and gather in an area where a sump pump can remove it from your property.

Cost-Effective Basement Flooding Solution

Extensive damage to the foundation of your home is one of the results that can happen from improper drainage of water. Fixing this type of problem can run into thousands of dollars. The small investment of adding a French drain is smart and easy on the budget. It takes very little time to complete the project and you can feel confident that the problem is solved.

Contact waterproofing specialists like the ones at Highlander Waterproofing to get an estimate of the costs to add a French drain to your basement. Do not let another year go by that can result in expensive fixes from water damage to your home and foundation. You can also make the call today for any wall crack repair Cleveland Ohio and have it done right by experienced professionals in basement waterproofing!