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4 Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas You Should Try

May 26, 2022 | Comments Off on 4 Inspiring Window Treatment Ideas You Should Try

Windows are the access aperture of natural light to your home. But did you know window treatments can make or break a space? Depending on your space and the quantity of natural light you want, window coverings can be practical, solely aesthetic, or a mix of the two.

You will be spoilt for choices when looking for new blind styles, from a Roman to a roller. Daytona Awnings can help choose a glass expansion with a modern edge to inspire a better view at home. Here are the latest window treatment designs you will find appealing:

Match Your Curtains to Your Blinds

The swath of turmeric drapes and blinds completes the look if you enjoy playing with color. For example, you can go with inky blue, crimson, acid yellow, and green, generally in blocks with the occasional trace of the pattern. Add a new layer of color that enhances the spaces and prevents the back wall from becoming dark.

The matching window treatment brings the whole look together perfectly. Daytona Awnings professionals will give you the ultimate color blend that suits your house’s theme.

Eco-friendly Roller Blinds

Are you a green lover? Consider using eco-friendly fabrics such as recycled polyester blinds. Recycled polyester eliminates the need for new petroleum extraction, lowering the overall carbon footprint. Additionally, the manufacturing process consumes less water, chemicals, and energy. According to Climate Science, recycled polyester emits 37% less CO2 than virgin polyester.

Mimic Furniture with Your Window Blind Style

Many people are embracing art through curved furniture, especially sofas. Hanging a regular window blind behind the sofa would produce a harsh horizontal line that would contrast with the softness of the furnishings. Rather than a stiff Roman blind, choose a gorgeous draped cloth with a curvy movement.


Window blinds can imitate the theme of your home if you correctly decorate them. Hire Daytona Awnings professionals to install the perfect blinds and give your house a homey look!