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4 Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

December 3, 2021 | Comments Off on 4 Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

A properly working sprinkler system is a critical component of a commercial fire suppression system. These maintenance tips can help you keep your sprinklers in good working condition.

1. Test Your System

Fire sprinkler testing Orange County California involves operating the sprinkler equipment to ensure it functions correctly. Test all mechanical devices quarterly. The vane and pressure switch devices need to be tested every six months. The complete system should be tested once per year. Once every five years, run precautionary tests on sprinklers that are exposed to harsh conditions or high temperatures. Test or replace dry sprinkler systems every ten years. Test fast-response sprinklers after the first 20 years of use and then every 10 years after. Standard sprinklers should be tested after 50 years and then every 10 years.

2. Inspect the System Regularly

The various components of your sprinkler system should be inspected regularly and serviced or replaced as needed. Inspect your gauges weekly and your wet pipe gauges monthly. Inspect the valve alarm devices, signal devices, hydraulic nameplates and water flow alarm devices quarterly. Check the hangar or seismic bracing, sprinklers, pipework and fittings annually. Thoroughly examine the internal pipework once every five years. 

3. Put Up Signs

Put up signs near sprinkler equipment that remind employees to leave the valves open. The signs can also include problems that may be caused by closing valves. Alternatively, you can lock the valves in the open position to make sure they are always ready if a fire happens.

4. Train Employees

Train employees on basic sprinkler system operation and safety. Make sure they are familiar with the NFPA Code 25 baseline.

A properly working sprinkler system can put out small fires before they become large, dangerous fires. However, proper maintenance is required to make sure your system is ready when a fire happens.