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4 Benefits of Utilizing a Home Alarm Monitoring Service

November 5, 2014 | Comments Off on 4 Benefits of Utilizing a Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Installing a top notch fire detection or burglary intrusion alarm system in your home is fabulous, but what about if you’re not there to hear it when it’s activated? Or even worse, what if you’re not able to respond or call for help? Regardless of if you live in a busy metropolitan area, or rural farm community, everyone can increase their feeling of personal safety by having an alarm company monitor your home security system.

Here are four reasons to utilize a home alarm monitoring service like what you will find from companies like Alarm Relay:

1. Personal Safety during Home Invasion or Burglary
In the middle of the night when you hear something break downstairs and your alarm is activated, of course you assume that you will have time to call the police and they will respond before an intruder can get to you. Are you sure? Having a monitoring service give you the assurance that help is going to be on the way in seconds after the alarm is activated. You can worry about keeping yourself safe in the meantime, not trying to communicate with a 911 official.

2. Protect Property During Fire
Smoke detectors are fabulous and many lives have been saved as a result of them. Their purpose is to keep you safe, not your personal property. By having smoke detection systems tied into your security system, when the smoke alarms are activated, the fire department is alerted by your monitoring service. The quick response can possibly save your personal property from complete destruction.

3. Stay Informed About Your Home
Monitoring services send you an alert via email or text message letting you know that the alarm has been activated. No matter where you are, you can remain in the know about what’s going on at home.

4. Extra Safety When Youngsters are Home Alone
After school, many children may spend a short time at home alone before the parents get home. Even though your child may be old enough and mature enough to handle this responsibility, an alarm monitoring service helps give you some extra peace of mind about their safety. Simply teaching them to operate the alarm will give you another layer of protection for your family until you are home with them.