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3 Tips To Boost the Morale and Self-Esteem of Aspiring Authors

December 18, 2020 | Comments Off on 3 Tips To Boost the Morale and Self-Esteem of Aspiring Authors

Anyone who aspires to craft a career in the written word is likely familiar with the pitfalls of trying to become an author, whether that’s being afraid that others won’t like your writing or not knowing whether you’ll be able to secure book publishers Macon GA to get your work out to the public. In order to pursue your dreams of authorship, though, it’s important to keep a positive mindset and focus on persevering and improving your craft regularly. Here are three tips to keep you going.

1. Chat With Other Authors About the Business

If you personally know any published authors or any other aspiring writers hoping to make it in the business, it might be helpful to chat with them and get their advice for success. Sometimes, just talking with someone who’s in a similar situation to yours can be immensely helpful. At a minimum, you’ll gain a feeling of solidarity; at most, you could glean useful advice that might help you further your career.

2. Practice With Bite-Sized Chunks Regularly

If you go from never having written more than a few pages at a time to attempting a 500-page novel all in one go, you could be setting yourself up for stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Instead, try practicing your writing with bite-sized chunks – an essay here, a short story there.

3. Take a Break From the Writing Process and Practice Another Hobby

If you’ve been writing nonstop, it’s easy to feel burned out. When this happens, it may be helpful to take a scheduled break from the writing process and go spend time on another relaxing activity. You can pick up another hobby to switch to whenever writing starts to stress you out.

It can feel tough when you’re first starting out on your writing career journey. If you’re starting to feel down about your authorship prospects, you can use these helpful tips to take comfort and persevere in following your dreams.