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3 Ideas for Transforming Your Property’s Frontage

January 19, 2022 | Comments Off on 3 Ideas for Transforming Your Property’s Frontage

Are you ready to change up your property’s frontage? Here are three varied ideas for transforming its exterior. Choose whichever option appeals most to your imagination and budget.

1. Apply Paint

Whether you plan to upgrade your home or business with a fresh coat of paint, this type of transformation can give your property a near-instant visual boost. It’s no secret that businesses significantly benefit from a freshly painted frontage. A well-painted exterior makes a powerful first impression on potential and current clients or customers and gives them a thumbs-up impression of your products and services. Find expert, experienced painters near you by searching online using your location—for example, type “exterior painting Louisville, KY” into the search bar.

2. Add Greenery

A little greenery goes a long way toward transforming your property’s frontage. Choose from native shrubs and flowers or select evergreen varieties that give you and your visitors welcome greenery throughout the year. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may even choose to include a landscaping feature such as an arbor or a water fountain. Whatever you decide, adding greenery and natural touches to your property’s exterior creates a pleasing environment for all. 

3. Install Lighting

Well-placed, modern lighting allows you and your visitors or clients to easily see and access your property when it’s dark or overcast. Whether you choose to transform your frontage with classic carriage lights and lampposts or solar spotlights and on-demand lighting, you’re reducing your and your visitors’ risk of tripping or falling. According to real estate experts, adding exterior lighting can add to the value of your property

Have these three ideas got you thinking about more ways to transform your property’s frontage? Mine real estate and home improvement websites for more ideas, and don’t forget to check out in-the-field experts’ galleries, blogs and tips.