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3 Great Outdoor Home Improvements That Help the Environment

November 11, 2020 | Comments Off on 3 Great Outdoor Home Improvements That Help the Environment

Looking to improve your outdoor space? There are plenty of ways to enhance your yard, but it’s important to be mindful of the environment in every decision that you make. These three eco-friendly outdoor improvements improve your everyday life while reducing your impact on the environment.

1. Restore Your Deck

Your deck allows you to enjoy the outdoors both comfortably and stylishly. Instead of replacing your current deck with a completely new one, give it a completely new look with the help of the professionals in deck restorations Austin TX. Replacing a deck is costly and is a waste of wood, a precious natural resource. By restoring your deck, you reduce your impact on the environment and save money, too.

2. Ditch the Lawn

You might be surprised to know that ditching ordinary turf is actually very beneficial for the environment. Replace your current grass by sowing a blend of grass seed that contains fescue. Fescue grass is slow-growing and drought resistant, which means you won’t waste gallons of water trying to keep it green. In addition, its slow growth means that you need to mow less often, reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Use Mulch

If you have flowerbeds or empty areas of yard where grass or other groundcover just can’t seem to grow, it’s a great idea to bring in some mulch for a number of reasons. For one thing, mulch looks and smells great, providing you a beautiful alternative to bare spots in the yard. It also crowds out weeds from taking over your planting beds, which in turn allows your plantings to soak up water. Be sure to use organic mulch like wood chips or bark and scatter a new layer each spring.

Doing your part for the environment feels good, and it’s great for your wallet, too. Follow these tips and feel confident that you’ve made lasting eco-friendly improvements for your yard.