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3 Great Curb Appeal Projects for Selling During Winter

January 20, 2021 | Comments Off on 3 Great Curb Appeal Projects for Selling During Winter

Are you planning to sell your home during wintertime? Selling a property during the winter is actually a smart idea – with fewer houses on the market, it’s that much easier to outclass the competition. Here are three great winter curb appeal projects that allow your home to stand above the rest.

1. Install a New Garage Door

The single best way to enhance your home’s curb appeal is by updating your garage door to a contemporary model. Not only does a new garage door make your property look better overall, but it also provides you with a great return on your investment. Consult Apple Valley garage door installation experts to select the perfect door to accentuate the style of your house.

2. Add Winter Landscaping

Who says you can’t landscape during the winter? There are actually quite a few winter plants that can add plenty of color and interest to your yard. Winter jasmine, crocus and cyclamen thrive in cooler temperatures. Place these plants in your flowerbeds to watch your home’s curb appeal reach full bloom.

3. Improve the Front Entry

Your front entry door should make a statement when you’re selling your house. Dressing up your front door is an easy project to complete during any season. Start by painting your door or giving it a new coat of stain if you want to bring out the natural beauty of a wood door. Consider installing new hardware like handles and locks and spend a little extra money to get solid nickel or iron models with a nice finish. Finally, swap out your house address numbers with new ones to ensure that your address is visible from the street.

It’s no secret that good curb appeal helps homes sell faster and for more money, too. Follow the tips above to encourage potential buyers to choose your home over the competition.