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3 Effective Exterior Renovation Tips for Your Home

June 11, 2020 | Comments Off on 3 Effective Exterior Renovation Tips for Your Home

Feel like the exterior of your home isn’t living up to its full potential? By making key upgrades to your outdoor spaces, you can add significant curb appeal to your property. Follow these three exterior renovation tips to set your home apart from the rest and impress your friends and neighbors!

1. Install Quality Fencing

If you want to frame your home in a stylish way, while adding an extra layer of security to your property, install a high-quality fence along all property lines. A professional service for exterior renovations Columbia SC will construct an attractive fence that will stand up to the outdoor elements. Complete the project by installing an impressive automatic gate at the entrance to your driveway.

2. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Adding some color to your landscaping is a quick and easy way to boost the curb appeal of your home. You likely already maintain your lawn and your trees and bushes but planting some colorful flowers can instantly make your home look more cheerful and welcoming. It’s especially effective to install flower boxes below your home’s front windows for a colorful accent to your façade.

3. Modernize Your Exterior Doors

Your garage door and front door are important design components for your home’s overall façade. Replace your front door with a steel door and remember to choose a contemporary color and finish as well as upgraded hardware. While you’re at it, consider whether a garage door replacement would improve your home’s curb appeal. If your current door is in working condition and doesn’t require a full replacement, a fresh coat of paint or stain, along with the installation of a new vinyl trim surround will make an old door look new again.

A few upgrades are all it takes to turn your home into a true showstopper. By making curb appeal improvements, you show to your friends and neighbors the pride you take in your home.