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Ways To Make the Most of a Tiny Space

Do you live in a tiny space, but long to have an entertainment center, as well as sufficient room for yoga in the morning? The key is to make the most of the space you have by choosing creative furniture that serves more than one purpose. Here are some ways to make the most of a tiny space.

Have a Mobile Entertainment/Work Center

Keep your stereo system in a small television stand that also serves as a desk. Install shock absorbing casters so you can move the system against a wall when not in use while still protecting your expensive equipment. The casters will also protect your floor and make less noise.

Install a Murphy Bed

A murphy bed folds up flat against a wall during the day so that it’s out of sight and out of the way. Tidy your bed in the morning and then fold it away, giving you tons more space for other activities.

Invest in Convertible Furniture

Buy a dining room table that can seat six but also be folded into a much slimmer, two-person version. Use sturdy, stackable storage boxes for chairs. Get a filing cabinet and paint it a bright color and use it for an end table by your sofa.

Take Advantage of Your Walls

Attach wire baskets to your walls to store clothing and other items. Have a hanging closet in one corner along with shelves for your shoes and other possessions. Add shelving over the toilet to store towels and other items. Place a shelf over the bathroom door for extra storage space. Install spice racks and more hanging baskets for your spices and canned goods.

By maximizing the use of your space and throwing in a little creativity, you can live comfortably in your tiny nest with everything you need.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Home

Are you in the market for a new home? Whether you’re looking for your first home or this is one of many you’ve purchased, you don’t want to settle. A home is a huge purchase that takes a lot of time, so you want to make sure it is the right one for your family. Here are some ways you can ensure you find the perfect home. 

Evaluate the Location

When looking at homes, you don’t want to focus solely on the house and property. You also want to fully understand the neighborhood and how the people around you could impact you. Is the home on a busy street? Are you next to a school? Do you have loud neighbors? The best way to honestly know how the neighborhood could affect you is to come to see the house at different times of the day. The neighborhood could be quiet as a mouse during the day but gets very loud at night. Once you know exactly how the area is, you can make an informed decision about the house. 

Stay in Your Budget

It is easy to fall in love with many different homes when looking through residential listings Forks WA. However, you want to avoid looking at homes over your budget. When you buy a more expensive home than you can comfortably afford, you’ll find that other areas in your life are negatively affected. Plus, if something happens and either you or your spouse lose your job, you don’t want to lose your home because you can no longer afford it. 

Know What You Want

Before you start looking at homes, make a list of the things you want in the home. It’s helpful to have one column of must-haves and another of desired things. For example, if you have four children, you’ll need at least a three-bedroom home. However, having a theater room would be nice, but it isn’t a necessity. 

Questions To Ask When Buying New Land

If you’ve decided to build your dream home, you have likely started to look for land to build it on. Not all pieces of land will work for your build, and some might take more work to prepare than others. Here are some questions to ask when buying new land. 

What Location do You Want?

When looking for land to build your house on, you need to first decide where you want to live. If you want to buy land in a neighborhood, you’ll need to prepare yourself to deal with HOAs and deed restrictions. Those two things will be significant factors in how high you can build your home, what color you can paint it, and even what type of fence you can put up. 

If you’re looking to go more rural, ensure that the property has road access. Many rural properties are accessed via private roads, which are usually on someone else’s property. If your neighbor doesn’t want road construction crews on their property, you’ll likely need to get an easement for your new land. 

Is the Land Ready for a Build?

Not all land is ready for a home to be built on it. When looking for land, you need to know if the land has already been cleared or if you’ll need to hire a land clearing Montgomery AL company to prepare the site. Additionally, if the area doesn’t have electricity, water, sewage, or internet, you’ll have to hire contractors to install them, which can be expensive. 

Is the Land Zoned Properly?

All land is zoned according to city or county ordinances, and you should never assume that it’s appropriate for residential use. Before finalizing your purchase, check your area’s zoning and long-term land use plans. If you’re hoping to live in the middle of nowhere without close neighbors and your county plans to build a strip mall near you in the future, you might want to rethink your purchase. 

Best Ways To Set Up Your Home Office

Every day, more people discover they prefer the comfort and convenience of working from home. To stay productive, you need a space that allows you to concentrate and is functional at the same time. If you’ve decided to work from your house, here are some of the best ways to set up your home office.

Have the Right Furniture

Although it’s tempting, working from your bed or sofa isn’t exactly conducive to work-related tasks. Setting up a separate room with a desk, chair and other office furniture Indianapolis produces higher quality work and improved posture. You can even select from name-brand used pieces if you’re on a budget.

Illuminate Your Workspace

Once you’ve established a spot for your home office, be sure it inspires you. Instead of sitting in a dark room or corner, illuminate it with lots of natural light, lamps and a clean coat of paint. Having a work area that invigorates you will turn it into a happy place you look forward to spending time in.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Clutter and disorganization kill any atmosphere, so make sure it’s not a problem in your home office. Discard unused accessories and file away paperwork that’s sitting around catching dust. For a workspace, a minimalist approach makes it easier to concentrate and is more professional for in-person meetings. 

Use Soundproofing

If you’re lucky enough to have a specific room dedicated as an office, it’s best to soundproof it. Simple tricks such as putting down carpet, replacing a hollow door with a solid one and using soft wall coverings like tapestries make a huge difference. You’ll be able to concentrate and no one will have to walk on eggshells.

If you’ve decided to work full-time from home, you need a productive workspace. With the right furniture, lighting and organization, you might find your work quality improves!

How To Secure Your House From Thefts

Protecting the item that you own within your home from burglars can be a challenge if the structure is easy to break into. Adding the right tools and being vigilant can keep you and your possessions safe. Here are a few tips to secure your house from thefts. 

Invest In Technology

Many times a burglar will wait to attack your home until you have left. That means you will have to wait until you get back to know if anything was taken. There are now security systems with custom sound and video systems baton rouge la that communicate directly to your smartphone. If there is motion around your house, it contacts you directly so that you can confront whoever is trying to break inside. It can give the impression that you are at home and that this would be a bad time to steal anything. 

Keep Lighting Functional

Darkness is one of a thief’s best tools. They can take what they want with little fear of being discovered and arrested. Install motion sensor lights outside on places where your home might be vulnerable. Inspect each lamp on your property to ensure they are working correctly then install a bright bulb inside it.  This also keeps your visitors safe as they go to their cars as well as keep burglars away. 

Lock Every Door

Look over each door you have in you house and check if the lock works properly. If it sticks or refuses to turn, repair it or make a trip to the store to replace it. You should perform this task with every window as well as any entry point into the structure. You may be anxious that you repeatedly forget to secure your home when you leave. You can purchase digital equipment that allows you to check if you did and engage them if it did skip your mind.

How To Avoid Waste at the Office

Office waste not only harms the environment but also cuts into your company budget. Save money and beautify your office by making it a daily habit to cut back on the trash you create. Here are some ways you can avoid waste at the office.

Fix Your Equipment

You’re likely to fix that computer if it breaks, but with lower-priced items, such as a printer, it’s tempting to simply toss it and buy a new one. Cut back on waste and save money by fixing that printer instead. Keep a list of good repairmen on hand. If your laser printer stops working, use the services of HP printers Bethesda MD.

Buy Company Mugs

Order coffee mugs bearing your company logo. Give one to each of your employees and stock some in your snack room along with a coffee or espresso maker. That way your workers will use the mugs they have instead of going for those daily coffee runs, thereby cutting down on waste.

Purchase Reusable Notebooks

With a reusable notebook, you can take notes or write things down in a calendar using an erasable gel pen. At the end of the month, wipe off your notes using a damp washcloth. If you need to save those notes, upload them using your smartphone. It’s a great way to cut back on paper usage and waste.

Buy in Bulk

Don’t waste money on those tiny creamer packages. Buy a quart of cream and keep it in your office fridge instead. Get coffee and tea in bulk along with the sweeteners you and your employees prefer. By purchasing consumable items in larger quantities, you cut down on waste and save money.

Having a clean and organized office is great for company morale, so cut down on waste by following these tips, and you’ll have a pleasant work environment.

3 Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

Cleaning your deck might seem like an unnecessary chore. However, if you neglect your deck, the time and money you spend on it will increase exponentially.

Think of your deck as a living thing, especially if it is made from bison wood tiles. The wood you use in a deck is organic and continues to react to stimuli such as moisture, pressure and time. See below to get some tips on proper deck maintenance and extending the life of your patio.

1. Stick to Regular Sweeping

To avoid moisture and dirt buildup, try to sweep your deck at least once per week. If the weather is especially bad, you might need to clean more often. Taking a few minutes out of your day to remove leaves, water and other debris will prevent chronic damage that is more difficult to fix.

2. Take Care of Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is much more durable than untreated wood. However, do not mistake that for meaning it is maintenance-free. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule, even with more durable types of wood. Look for sealants meant for pressure-treated wood and apply when necessary.

3. Avoid Paint

You may be tempted to use paint as a sealant. However, this will lead to more significant problems down the road. The most durable and efficient way to finish your deck is with synthetic sealants that penetrate the wood in your deck. Anything else will crack or peel over time and require extensive sanding and scraping to refinish. If you opt to use paint, be prepared to hire a professional to sand off and reapply paint every few years. Otherwise, your deck will start showing its age fast.

Decks do not have to be a difficult thing to maintain. However, if you let it rot or apply the wrong sealant, you set yourself up for failure. Create a good foundation with good cleaning habits and appropriate finishes to make your life easier and keep your deck looking new.

How To Prepare For a Custom Home Build

Are you tired of looking at homes, never finding one that meets all of your expectations? If so, you should consider building a custom home. The process might seem overwhelming, but when you follow a few simple tips, you’ll find yourself living in your dream home in no time. 

Create a Budget

When deciding on a budget, you first have to consider whether or not you need to take out a loan for your home. Once you know what amount you are preapproved for, you can flesh out the rest of the budget. 

Experts recommend that you plan for roughly 75% of your budget for the design and build of your home and 25% for the cost of the land. It’s essential to leave a buffer in your budget to plan for contingencies and emergencies during your build. If you don’t include some wiggle room in your budget, you could run out of money before the builder finishes your home.

Purchase Land

Before you can build a home, you have to have somewhere to put it. Whether you are looking for land for sale in Suffolk VA, or another part of the country, you want to ensure that you pick the best land for your situation.

Do you want to live on a well and use a septic tank, or do you want to be on municipal sources? Has the land already been cleared for your home, or is that something you need to factor into your costs? When you consider everything about the land, you won’t have any surprises when the building starts.

Interview Contractors

Not all contractors will be suitable for your job, so you want to interview a few of them before deciding on one. When talking to them, ask for references and ensure that they are licensed and bonded. If a contractor rubs you the wrong way, don’t hire them. You’ll be working closely with them for months, and you want to choose someone you get along well with. 

Effective Ways To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

When the weather outside starts to warm up, severe thunderstorms become a near certainty. In certain parts of the United States, these storms can do lots of damage. It is your job as a homeowner to mitigate the risks posed by severe weather.

Every year, storms in the United States do over $136 billion worth of damage. Before the spring and summer storm season arrives, you need to work on getting your home prepared for the bad weather ahead. Here are some effective ways you can protect your home from storm damage.

Assess The Condition Of Your Roof

One of the main areas that can be affected by high winds and torrential rains is your roof. Before your area is bombarded with storms, you need to get an idea of how well your existing roof is holding up. The best way to get this information is by hiring professionals to perform an in-depth inspection.

During this inspection, roofing contractors Killeen TX will look at the condition of your shingles. If there is significant damage to your roof covering, you might need to consider getting a new roof installed. While a new roof can be costly, it is a good investment that can provide you with a great return. With the help of roofing contractors, you can get your new roof installed quickly and correctly.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned

If you want to limit water damage to your home, then you need to realize the importance of a functional gutter system. Gutters that are filled with leaves and other debris will have a hard time draining properly. This can lead to the gutters getting weighed down and collapsing. This is why hiring professionals to clean your gutters before storm season arrives is important.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to protect your home from storm damage.

Popular Material for Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace surrounds are a perfect way to make your fireplace come alive for any season. Mantles work well for gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces. Additionally, you don’t need to have a fireplace for a fireplace surround to work; you can also use them for faux fireplaces. There are many popular materials that you can use for fireplace surrounds; here are some of them now.


Stone fireplace mantels are a great way to go if you’re looking for a classic, earthy style. Stone fireplace surrounds can be installed with various types of stone, such as marble, soapstone, or limestone. You could even go with something like river rock veneer Phoenix AZ. Additionally, stone fireplace mantles are available in nearly any size imaginable, so finding one that will fit your fireplace should be easy. Stone will give your fireplace a deep, rich look all year-round.


Glass fireplace surrounds are growing in popularity very quickly. Glass mantles give your fireplace a more elegant look and modern touch. Glass fireplace surrounds have been popularized by celebrities who have gorgeous homes with beautiful fireplaces. So it is no wonder why the fireplace glass surround is catching on these days.


Wooden surrounds are often made out of cedar, red oak, or maple and provide an elegant look to any fireplace. Wood requires careful handling, so consider professional installers to install it. Wooden surrounds also need regular maintenance such as painting and varnishing every year or two, depending on use. If cared for correctly, your wooden fireplace mantel will last a lifetime.

Pick Your Preference

Fireplace surrounds can be a great way to add decoration and style to your fireplace. Hopefully, this article has provided some inspiration if you’re in the market for fireplace surround ideas. Whether it’s wood fireplace mantels or stone, there are many different styles of fireplace surrounds available at any home improvement store or online retailer.